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Watchmen movie posterViolence, sex, superheroes and a tricky d!ck. I knew to expect all of those things going into this film based on the epic mini-series turned graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. I knew that director Zack Snyder was going to play it very faithful to the original work except for a change to the ending.

I knew all of this going in, but I still left the theater blown away.

Before I continue further, I am not really concerned about spoilers, but I won’t give away any twists either. I will talk about the end, but in fairly general terms. Just beware I guess.

Now, I haven’t read — but should read — Frank Miller’s graphic novel 300 upon which Zack Snyder’s previous film of the same name — duh, you probably heard of it — was based. I had heard that that film was also faithful, almost to a fault. (Or was that Sin... Continue reading »

I resolve

First of the year

[As the sun sets on another year we… hahaha… no really, no heavy reflection here. Besides, that is the first sunset of this new year.]

Last year I wrote a bit about resolutions and never really stated what those were other than to be a better blogger — keep laughing, I am — and to stay in touch with faraway friends a bit better. Well, if you are keeping score, I didn’t do well with either, but probably better with the blogging than the staying in touch. As for the unrevealed ones, much worse. In fact, for one, total and utter failure.

This year, I am going to throw a couple right out there right now and we’ll see what happens. You can maybe help hold me to them. Or maybe you don’t care. Heck, as Juice... Continue reading »

Ill communication

I just listened to Ill Communication on my way home from work tonight. I left at 9.00p. I realized that it would be a great title for a blog post, so…

I was at work for the second night in a row until 9p, so that’s ill. I have gone just over a month without posting, so that’s ill. If I went a calendar month without a post, that would be ill… therefore, here’s your fluff piece to put a stop to that.

Seriously though, I intimated in the last real post that I’d fill in blanks later, so I guess this is it. I think that blogging during the summer can be a bit tough when you don’t have some regular topic to shout about. I definitely have never had that, so it is here and there. Well, weekends are straight out because the last thing I want is to be in front of a keyboard on a weekend. Weeknights have also been straight out because I have been getting home late most nights and since those are due to work, I have had enough of the keyboard for a day. When not, I want to spend it on the couch in front of the 360 for a game or catch up on su... Continue reading »

Who’s watching Watchmen?

Okay, so I was close to the end of my current geek book, so before I left for work this morning, I remembered that I hadn’t finished reading Watchmen and knew that would be perfect new train fodder. I searched my house for 10 minutes looking for it after it wasn’t in my office, where it should have been. I gave up and left for work and had to suffer thru 1.5 train rides of staring at the odd people on the train. (I’m sure they don’t think that about me.)

I got home tonight and spent a further 15 minutes looking everywhere. Looking in the open, under furniture, in boxes, in the kitchen cabinets (and drawers) and nada. No Watchmen to be found.

I never lose anything. Ever.

So, the question is… did I lend it to someone? Anyone have it?

My civic duty

Oooh… I just love it when I can use a Scrubs inspired title for a blog post.

So, today I fulfilled my civic duty by spending a day in the jury pool. I know… fun, right?

Actually, not that bad. It would seem that the folks at this particular courthouse get the fact that no one wants to be there. In fact, I think many are working on their amateur night stand-up routines. I won’t get into the specifics of their comedy, suffice to say that it wasn’t half bad. Heck, even two judges were part of the act!

The decades old orientation video even provided some unintentional comedy. Not quite like a Hanso Foundation film reel, but maybe as old. I’m guessing by the clothing and hairstyles that this thing was filmed during my high school years, so late eighties.

All kidding aside, I will say that the folks were all very nice, especially those two judges and the two court officers babysitting us. This seemed in sharp contrast to the procedural folks I remember from my last dip in the pool 11-12 years ago. As for the folks in the pool its... Continue reading »

Three hundred

This is going to be short and sweet because I am so late to the party with it. I have wanted to post on it for a while, ever since seeing it and then reading Jason and Ed’s posts on it, but other things got in the way. I think I’ll be ahead of the curve for the DVD release though, yeah?

I found the premise of writing a graphic novel about this event in history to be quite novel. I mean, how exactly did Frank Miller get about doing this as a project? This is a guy better known to the masses for Sin City, Robocop, Batman (comics) and Tank Girl (heh… well, the original work was better than the flick. Oh where have you gone Lori Petty?). I’m sure I could do some research on the web for this, but I’m a lazy blogger today and like I said, short and sweet.

And, again, being lazy (and potentially dumb to do so), I’m going to go off what I remember as th... Continue reading »


As you may have begun to notice, I get my entertainment news in two forms, my copy of Entertainment Weekly and an E! Online portlet/gadget/widget on my Google page.

Anyway, E! Online is providing me with news of a Magneto solo flick spin-off from the X-Men movies. Set to be an origin piece, this is the way to go for sure. Heck, McKellen might pass on by the time they make it… (that’s not very nice). The Magneto origin is a good one to appeal to a wide audience and exploring his early relationship with Xavier is something that I have always found interesting in the books.

I’m more interested in seeing this spin-off than the Wolverine one.

Captain America, dead?

Yeah, right!

I love how the mainstream media tunes in on stunts like this. I was just listening to Nightline tease this in the background when I clicked on and this was on the front page.

Name one big hero that has been killed and stayed dead… they even brought back Bucky for crying out loud. Wonder if he was the sniper that did the job…

Fanboy Fodder 9.4

Justice League of America #2 cover (Turner version)This is about two weeks in coming, but I fell behind for a while and I am now catching up. This week was a heavy DC week, for me anyway (6 books), and it was the second week in a row I bought a ton of books.

Honestly, I’m a little bummed that it took me so long to read some of these books because it was a good week featuring the second installment of the new JLA series, Ultimate Spidey #100 and Ultimates 2 #12. On to the books!

Justice League of America #2 Since I didn’t lead the week issue one came out with its cover, I’ll give the honor to the second issue which features a Michael Turner cover. Kind of odd to have Turner handle the regular cover while the regular artist gets the variant version, but that’s the way today’s comics seem to work. Brad Meltzer celebrates being #1 (at the time) on the bestsellers list with his latest novel, The... Continue reading »

Downey Jr. to Play Stark

Iron Man teaser poster

It was announced last week that Robert Downey Jr. will play the role of billionaire and genius inventor Tony Stark in the upcoming Iron Man film. For those that don’t know, that will also mean he’d be wearing the Iron Man suit as well, but you have to assume that will rarely happen in this age of CGI.

I actually like this choice as Downey Jr. can actually channel his inner addict for the role. In the comics, Stark is an alcoholic and has trouble staying off the sauce. In fact, many times getting sauced up helps him get the job done.