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Fanboy Fodder 8.4

Astonishing X-Men #16 coverI have decided that this little experiment with writing about the comics I read has been a good idea. It is definitely forcing me to evaluate what I am buying on a weekly basis. I was already trying to be good about tracking how much I spend a month on this stuff, but that wasn’t cutting it. I could justify it by acknowledging the fact that I don’t spend money on much else besides comics and CDs.

Now, I have to justify the purchase on the strength of its entertainment value. I am sure I will slowly be subtracting books, but this week, I did not. In fact, I found I just had to buy Justice League of America #1 because it was written by Brad Meltzer (of the excellent Identity Crisis) and illustrated by Ed Benes (Superman/Batman). Didn’t I recently state that I hated DC books and no more new ones for me? Well, this one is an exception that you knew would happen eventually.

I did skip Heroes for Hire #... Continue reading »

Fanboy Fodder 8.3

Hunter-Killer #6 coverI may have done something today that I haven’t done since my college days in Wichita. I went out to the comics store, picked up my books and read them as soon as I got home. This used to be standard practice while in school out there. After all, what else was there to do? In fact, some of us used to read our books in class as we’d go just before class.

Then again, back in the early nineties, the comics scene was pretty exciting. Nowadays, not so much. There was a nice surprise from Marc Silvestri in that Hunter-Killer #6 finally came out. He was one of those can’t-miss artists of that time that left to form Image Comics (and Top Cow). Maybe that was why I read them right away. It was either that or I had nothing else to do…

Hunter-Killer #6 This is one of those books where you think it was cancelled for some unknown reason. High profile artist Silvestri), good art, good writer (Mark Waid), decent story. I wa... Continue reading »

Fanboy Fodder 8.2

Wolverine: Origins #5 (Joe Q cover)I am going with that title for now. “Fanboy” because I feel like one for writing even the shortest of short reviews about the comics on which I blow my pesos. “Fodder” because only other fanboys would find these thoughts even remotely interesting. The eight dot two is simply short for week 2 of the month of August. Due to the way I set up my bloggy blog, I have to use a unique name for each post within a given month, plus it just enhances the geek factor.

Maybe I can get in some good debates with someone and make this little corner of the blog worth it. If not, my fanboydom will forever be pasted on the Internet. Anyway, let’s get the geekery over with already…

Wolverine: Origins #5 Such a cool cover… with nothing inside to back it up. Well, that’s a little too harsh, but it was utterly stupid until the end, which convinced me to give the next arc a sh... Continue reading »

Iron Man

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Iron Man could be Marvel’s next good superhero movie franchise. I’m very excited about Jon Favreau’s involvement. Interesting that this says it is in conjunction with Avi Arad’s new production company. I was just reading in this month’s Wizard that he signed a non-compete with Marvel, although he’s still working with them in an advisory capacity. They also had an article with Favreau on Iron Man. Check out Brian Michael Bendis’ column/interviews while you are there. He’s a fave.

Anyway, the poster alone looks better than that crap Ghost Rider trailer…