Three new

I posted three new photos from the Braves and Sox game. These were taken from the upper box, about 6-8 rows up, on the first base line. Please go check them out and look at the large versions (I even linked them in photo descriptions).

If you like them, please leave me a comment here or there. I feel like no one looks at the photos, even with the cool new flickr slide show in the house. I know I haven’t posted many lately, but it is not worth the time it takes to post to flickr (with titles and descriptions) if you aren’t checking them out.

Anyway, give me some feedback!!! Good or bad, it doesn’t matter, as long as it is constructive. Is it that I post too many in a set? Should I trim out some fat? Believe me, I try, but I like that some can help tell the story, so sometimes you get a string. 🙂