Thirty-three more

As promised in Ketchup, I added 33 more photos to my photostream from the Braves and Sox game on 05.20.2007 in honor of Jason Varitek’s bases clearing triple (which I caught in one of the photos).

Okay, not really… it just worked out to be 33, but that’s still cool. I made a new photo set for the game and added the other three I posted previously to it. I already wrote up a short Aside about the game when I posted those photos, but you can read the photo set description too if you want even more info!

So, how about you put your browser into full screen mode now by hitting your F11 key. Then open the kick ass flickr slideshow for this set (be sure to put your mouse over the first photo that loads and then click the “i” that appears so you get all my titles and descriptions). You might even be inclined to look at them even larger by clicking individual photos in the set or the stream and then using the “All Sizes” button at the top left of the photo to see even larger sizes (its worth it). Then come back here and heap loads of praise upon this post’s comment form (or on the photos themselves). Don’t forget to hit that F11 key again to get out of full screen.

Oh, and this time, I didn’t adjust any color, contrast or brightness in any of the photos. I did crop about a third of them, this time with Photoshop, which produced valid files that the flickr uploadr liked, but also dumped most of the photo’s EXIF data. Why did Canon have to break their software for Vista? Grumble…