Clay pitcher

I had the pleasure of attending the first game of yesterday’s doubleheader to see Clay Buchholz make his major league debut. That makes two in two years as I got to see Jon Lester’s last year.

Unfortunately I missed the start of the game after just missing a Red Line train and then having some ticket pick-up issues. Joe joined me for the game after Ed had to bail on me due to some work mumbo-baloney. I told him instead of getting comp’d an extra day off, he needs to get comp’d some Sox or Pats tix. I think it was the third time we tried to hook up for a game with no joy. Oh wells.

Buchholz looked pretty good and pretty young. I mean like twelve years old young. Kid looks 140 pounds soaking wet if he’s lucky and has he started shaving yet? He’s so thin he could take Casey Fossum’s old nickname: The Blade. Anyway, he was helped out by the Sox offense having a big first inning off John Lackey and picked up his first MLB win in his first start. That’s a pretty cool parting gift considering he got sent right back down to AAA after the start.

I grabbed some shots [slideshow] from the box seats at the start of the game. As always, check them out in the larger sizes.