Triple priced

So, the MBTA Transit Police charged Sheila $15 for taking up two parking spaces today.

Lemme do the math here… if it costs $5 for a spot for the day, and two are taken, that’s $10 and not $20, right?

I was over the lines in my spot because the truck next to me was over his lines, go figure. I’m sure they saw that. Not. I hope that guy got a ticket too. He was gone before I got back tonight. Anyway, this markup is sorta crap. At worst, I cost the MBTA five dollars in lost revenue today. It’s not like I was in a metered, handicap or fire lane spot, I was over the lines. I know, I’m complaining, really, over ten bucks. I don’t actually care, but I’m in a ranting mood, so what the heck.

Oh, who’s Sheila you ask? Well, obviously that’s the name of my truck. Yeah, I named her Sheila, despite the slightly disturbing thought that it puts in my head about a pizza delivery ape… he of the gold-digging-ex-wife-named-Sheila fame. The only woman who’d ever think a pizza delivery ape — honestly, a term of endearment — was gonna be her sugar daddy. Poor bastard, she got him for more than he was worth too, but I imagine that divorce was the best thing that ever happened to him. Wait, that would be the Sox winning the series. Anyway… Ed, Mook and Stacy know this story. Wonder if he’s delivered a pie to Mook’s new house yet. I wouldn’t risk it man… or have Kerry answer the door… hahaha.

Anyway, back to my Sheila. Everyone knows I got a new rig back in November, right? Hmm… I never did get around to posting about it. Might have dropped a reference somewhere up in here, but yeah, I gots a new ride. Big, jet black (of course) Oh-eight Toyota Tundra Crew Max Limited dressed to the nines. My little gift to me for all those years of hard commuting north in the Jeep.

Did I mention BIG? Yeah, that’s the other reason for the ticket… thing is too big to fit comfortably in the narrow, I-can’t-believe-that’s-regulation-sized (if there is such a thing), spaces at the station. Feh.

So, really back to Sheila… I chose the name based on the Scorpion tank in the Red vs. Blue machinamation. When my truck’s navigation system talks to you, it sounds just like Sheila, just not as, I don’t know, emotional.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure it won’t shoot me.