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Triple priced

So, the MBTA Transit Police charged Sheila $15 for taking up two parking spaces today.

Lemme do the math here… if it costs $5 for a spot for the day, and two are taken, that’s $10 and not $20, right?

I was over the lines in my spot because the truck next to me was over his lines, go figure. I’m sure they saw that. Not. I hope that guy got a ticket too. He was gone before I got back tonight. Anyway, this markup is sorta crap. At worst, I cost the MBTA five dollars in lost revenue today. It’s not like I was in a metered, handicap or fire lane spot, I was over the lines. I know, I’m complaining, really, over ten bucks. I don’t actually care, but I’m in a ranting mood, so what the heck.

Oh, who’s Sheila you ask? Well, obviously that’s the name of my truck. Yeah, I named her Sheila, despite the slightly disturbing thought that it puts in my head about a pizza delivery ape… he of the gold-digging-ex-wife-named-Sheila fame. The only woman who’d ever think a pizza delivery ape — honestly, a term of... Continue reading »

RvB: Season 5

I like me. My Other Car is a Puma.

As a registered user, I got a little e-mail from Rooster Teeth on Tuesday to give some discount code for use in their store this holiday season.

“Hmm…” I thought, I haven’t been over there since the last season finished up. Let’s see whud up.

Well, whud up is Season 5 started at the end of September!

What, what, what???

That’s right, I’ve been missing out and so have you! If you count yourself as a Halo fan, you should be following what these guys do…