Scooper bowl

Let’s take the lactose intolerant kid to the Scooper Bowl.

Sounds like a good plan to me. Really.

Okay, so maybe not a good plan, but it happened nonetheless… and no, I didn’t explode or anything like that. I probably should have planned ahead and gotten some of those pills that suppress it or whatever, but I’ve never used them before, so why start now? Right?

Anyway, I finally got to experience my first Scooper Bowl now that I work in Boston full-time. I’m not real sure why they don’t do this over a weekend, maybe a Friday-Sunday instead of a Tuesday-Thursday, but whatevs. It is for a good cause — $8 goes to the Jimmy Fund all you can eat goes in your stomach — and I’m sure they had plenty of takers. Sure was packed enough when Noelle and I hit it up on the Wednesday night… two weeks ago! (Yes, I am late in writing about this, but more on that later.)

that's 10 cups kidsSo, if you want the stats, I got 10 scoops down — they give you one per cup — and thought it better to not continue. Each vendor had about 4 flavors to try, so I grabbed an average of 2 from each. All very good stuff and I hit pretty much every stand, so some good variety too since I don’t think I repeated anything.

At work, there is apparently an annual contest to see who can eat the most during one lunch. The company provides passes to each employee, so the donation is on the house — I didn’t have mine that night, so mine was on me — and I’m pretty sure a lot of co-workers partook. Anyway, the past records were 19 and 20 scoops the previous two years. It was announced Thursday morning that one of the guys had 24 the previous day, so pretty good, but one enterprising remorseless eating machine of an intern decided to do him TEN better later at lunch. That’s right, the claim was 34 scoops! Empty cups were brought back as proof, but seeing as he was with other interns, who knows if it was real. The others swear it was and based on what I have witnessed, I’m not really doubting it was that (or very close). Kid eats a ton all the time anyway, and no, he’s not ginormous.

Just a fun story to share. Sorry it is two weeks late.

Oh… just to add insult to injury, I had pizza for supper dessert, because that’s how I roll.

No, I still didn’t get sick. That I remember.