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Scooper bowl

Let’s take the lactose intolerant kid to the Scooper Bowl.

Sounds like a good plan to me. Really.

Okay, so maybe not a good plan, but it happened nonetheless… and no, I didn’t explode or anything like that. I probably should have planned ahead and gotten some of those pills that suppress it or whatever, but I’ve never used them before, so why start now? Right?

Anyway, I finally got to experience my first Scooper Bowl now that I work in Boston full-time. I’m not real sure why they don’t do this over a weekend, maybe a Friday-Sunday instead of a Tuesday-Thursday, but whatevs. It is for a good cause — $8 goes to the Jimmy Fund all you can eat goes in your stomach — and I’m sure they had plenty of takers. Sure was packed enough when Noelle and I hit it up on the Wednesday night… two weeks ago! (Yes, I am late in writing about this, but more on that later.)

that's 10 cups kidsSo, if you want the stats, I got 10 scoops down — they give you... Continue reading »

Another one

Well, I only had one taker again this year and it was the same person as last year. So, I went ahead and put in the same donation as last year as well.

I don’t know if I can blame this on a short notice with my posting or the fact that no one seems to be reading the OB1og much these days. I’m sure this is my fault for being lazy over the Summer and I suppose also because when I do write, it isn’t of much interest to more than a few people. I’m fine with that by the way.

I’ll be optimistic and say I’ll get three people next year!

Another Jimmy Fund challenge

You might recall that last year I issued My Jimmy Fund Challenge. Well, that challenge was met by one person and I am hoping that if I issue it again this year, I can get two people to step up to the plate. Same rules/guidelines apply as last year (click that first link).

This year’s event spans two days (at least on TV and the radio):

  • Thursday, August 16: 10a to 6p
  • Friday, August 17: 6a to midnight

So, extra time for you to make your donation. Might I suggest you hit up their site on the interwebs. It is quick and easy and secure.

I look forward to hearing from you! 🙂

Challenge Met

In case anyone is wondering, I had one friend accept my Jimmy Fund Challenge. I won’t name the person unless they want me to, but I am very happy to have inspired at least one donation. Maybe next year, there will be two people!

In the spirit of the challenge’s intention, I just went ahead and doubled my normal donation to make it $200. For those that like to keep score, that’s a Home Run according to the Jimmy Fund site. But, no matter the size, it all goes to the same cause.

Also, if you were interested in donating, but just couldn’t at this time, you can donate at any time throughtout the year on their Jimmy Fund site. If you do, let me know and I’ll still match you.

UPDATE: They just announced during the latest drubbing of the Sox by the Yankees game that they have eclipsed last year’s total and Hazel Mae reported Rocket Roger Clemens do... Continue reading »

My Jimmy Fund Challenge

For the last few years, I have donated to the Jimmy Fund during their annual Radio-Telethon. The 2006 telethon is this Friday, August 18th. So, this year I thought I would try something different and challenge all my friends to do the same.

My challenge is if you donate this year, I’ll match your donation up to $50. So, if you donate $25, I’ll increase my donation by $25. You donate $50, I’ll donate $50 more. You donate $100, I’ll donate $50 more. In this way, I’ll act much like your company matching 401k where your donation becomes double… or something like that.

Remember that your donation is tax deductible and donating couldn’t be easier. Simply go to their special telethon website and click the link to make a gift. Based on the form, it would seem $25 is the minimum gift. If you want to make a smaller gift, you let me know and I’ll make up the difference and give you that cash.

If you are interested in meeting my... Continue reading »

Thread da Windmill

That would be the name of my Fantasy Golf team. Yes… that’s correct, fantasy golf. “Team” is a bit of a misnomer as there’s really no team at all, but I don’t know what else to call it. Oh wait, yes I do… “Fantasy Golf waste-of-fifty-dollars.” Yeah, that sums it up nicely.

You may ask, “Why the hell would you play fantasy golf?” Well, I am finding myself asking that very question weekly. Every Tuesday I am e-mailed by Yahoo to set my *line-up* for the start of each tournament on Thursday. Well, since the fourth week of the *season* I have dreaded the roughly 5 minutes I have to spend doing so. I was kicking ass for the first two weeks and then fell to Earth in week 3 and have not recovered since. In fact, the only fun I have really had with this was picking my name, which is a tribute to my mini-golfing past.

Traditionally, fantasy baseball and football have been excellent and enjoyable wastes of money for me. I’ve... Continue reading »