Missing Manny

Lost Manny (photo by Jim Davis - Boston Globe)

Yeah, I said it. I miss Manny.

I don’t undertand why Manny had to be traded. I really don’t. I know that most of the Nation is glad he is gone, but I must ask… why?

Why would you want to give up one of the greatest righthanded hitters of all time? A first ballot Hall of Famer? The ultimate protection for Big Papi? Pay seven million dollars to the Dodgers just to take him and two prospects to Pittsburgh to get Jason Bay in return?

Okay, Craig Hansen you can have — for now, unless he works out his command — but by all accounts, Brandon Moss was a good, young outfield prospect. Was he going to be next year’s starting left fielder? No, but he’s a quality fourth outfielder. The seven million? Well, ain’t my money, but it is a bit ridiculous to be padding the wallet of Frank McCourt, who by all accounts is going to go bankrupt because he bought the Dodgers after losing out on the Sox to John Henry — a Manny fan to the end — and Tom Werner.

Now, who did they want to make happy in that clubhouse? Is Manny being gone going to make Captain Mendoza-line start hitting again? Make loud-mouth Schilling — don’t get me started on the fraud he pulled this year… it wore out his World Series magic with me and he’s barely breaking even — pitch in this year’s playoffs (I know he can’t… but not my point). Kevin Youkilis? They should have traded him and Hansen for Mark Teixeira if they were going to trade away Manny. (I’d be happier right now with Bay and Teixeira.) Manny was right to tell that clown to knock it off with the hissy fits after making outs at the plate.

Look, they already made the situation with the traveling secretary, admittedly probably his worst transgression as a Sox by far, go away, probably with a large sum of money. He rocked the boat because he wanted to know what his situation was going to be next year. Well, most players do these days… he’s not special in that regard. Bagging out of a Yankee game, well that was stupid, but still, the guy just wanted his option picked up or to be told it wasn’t going to be picked up. He’s gonna play for a contract next year if you tell him it won’t be, right? They should have picked it up. He’s worth that cash for his bat and for how he helps Papi’s. You know, that big guy who’s wrist is suddenly hurting again now that he has gone 1-15 since Manny’s been gone. It has been reported that Manny wanted to stay and play if they’d agree not to pick up the option, but Theo on his high horse said too little, too late. Fine.

Maybe it will work out as well as dumping Nomar, but I don’t think so. The trade made the team a little worse. Jason Bay is a fine player and if he continues to produce like he did when he started his career, great, but he’s still not Manny. This season isn’t going to end well for the Sox. I can feel it. I just hope the Yankees don’t make the playoffs either.

So, that said, I just lost another authentic Red Sox jersey to a trade. Maybe that’s why I am bitter. Both my guy’s are now wearing Dodger blue and playing for Joe Torre.

What what?

Yeah… I know Nomie is on the DL again… I still miss him too.

* Lost Manny photo by Jim Davis (Boston Globe)