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Missing Manny

Lost Manny (photo by Jim Davis - Boston Globe)

Yeah, I said it. I miss Manny.

I don’t undertand why Manny had to be traded. I really don’t. I know that most of the Nation is glad he is gone, but I must ask… why?

Why would you want to give up one of the greatest righthanded hitters of all time? A first ballot Hall of Famer? The ultimate protection for Big Papi? Pay seven million dollars to the Dodgers just to take him and two prospects to Pittsburgh to get Jason Bay in return?

Okay, Craig Hansen you can have — for now, unless he works out his command — but by all accounts, Brandon Moss was a good, young outfield prospect. Was he going to be next year’s starting left fielder? No, but he’s a quality fourth outfielder. The seven million? Well, ain’t... Continue reading »


Sweeping out another month here. I started off stronger this month, but again, fell off with the posting. This was going to be a Sox-centric post, but let’s get some catching up out the way first since it has been two weeks since my last post.

Well, over those last two weeks, I have had to do a good amount of writing at work, so that saps my will to write here. While I don’t mind the occasional need to write a piece of technical documentation, mostly because I’m good at it, I must give kudos to the full-time technical writers out there. I don’t know how you don’t just drink yourselves into oblivion in preparation for work each day. Oh, wait… you probably do.

Anyway, today I had to update my appraisal/review form with my six month results towards my objectives. That’s fun. Especially since we’re really doing eighth month results… and, why am I writing this myself again? I’m sorry, but if I am a manager, there’s no way I have my folks doing this themselves. It is time better spent on their job and something... Continue reading »


This is funny and weird. I happened to click on Boston.com at the right time today to be presented with a photo of Tom Brady strolling the streets of NYC with his horse-faced girlfriend. It would seem the slow news day (???) has the guys at the Globe/web site looking to generate some buzz because he’s sporting a Yankee cap

Checking up on the count now, it looks like they are getting it too. I actually felt the need to comment because there were only a few lame ones when I got there. Sorry, but Papi wearing the cap for a commercial should generate more fan outrage than this…

D’oh, I should have said that! Not that anyone is probably reading the comments now anyway… but, check mine out at the bottom of page 2.

SportsCenter top ten

Joe passed along a link to someone’s top 10 SportsCenter commercials post. It has YouTube linked vids. Wally and Ortiz made the list, so I thought it was appropriate to post here given I posted on that recently.


You’ll have to copy and paste the URI… I don’t want any traffic from these guys… they report on futbol.

Four jacks

Juice sent a link out via e-mail tonight and I figured I’d post it — you need to read the full post to get the link — for the two of you probably not on his e-mail list. It is the new SportsCenter clip of David Ortiz and Jorge Posada. If it isn’t the first video in the player/list, look for it. It is entitled “Betrayal.” Wally’s reaction is priceless.

I almost wish I didn’t see this, because while funny and clever, it is a little disturbing. I mean, the thought that Papi thought it was okay to ever put on a Yankee cap, whether for fun or not, isn’t sitting well with me. Good thing for us he’ll never wear one where it counts.

Anyone else see the irony of a DH giving hat advice to a catcher? He’s the only other guy not wearing a hat full-time since he never sees the field (outside an interleague game).

For a little payback, I’d like to see Jason Giambi trying to give Jason Varitek advice on hats…... Continue reading »

If there was any doubt…

…it should be long gone now. The Sox are still in Oakland, but the three most lethal bats — Oritiz, Manny and Wily Mo — are all in Boston. Wells is being shopped to the N.L. Nixon, Gonzo and Tek are going to start rehabs, but don’t get your hopes up with that.

Stick a spork in them. They are done.

Black Bird Steals Second

This just in: Jason Johnson still sucks.

So I attended tonight’s Sox game vs. the Tribe and the Sox dropped it 6-3 in the very sweltering heat. They couldn’t do much of anything against CC Sabathia who was throwing 98 mph heat himself and only gave up a Mark Lorretta homer off the Fisk foul pole in left. Not until the ninth did the Sox tack on two more runs with an Alex Gonzalez bomb into the Monstah Seats… or, maybe it was over them, but at that point it didn’t much matter unless we could make it to Papi, which they didn’t.

You may remember I posted about David Ortiz here and here back in June. Well, Big Papi has done it again with two walk-off hits, including a 3-run bomb last night, in his past three games prior to tonight. You think Indians manager Eric Wedge second guessed his decision to pitch to Ortiz? I’m... Continue reading »

This Week in OB1og

Coco robs Wright in center

Yeah, it’s been a little over a week since my last post and I apologize, but it is not like there has been any public outcry/outrage over it. I don’t even have a good excuse except that maybe I didn’t feel like sitting in front of the computer after getting home from work all week. Instead, I watched the Sox sweep the Mets, which is something I haven’t done much of this year. Well, no one had watched them sweep the Mets yet; I mean watch the Sox on TV. I think the Orsillo Cam is brand new and, quite frankly, it frightens me.

So, the idea of this post is to catch up on this week’s activity, much like This Week in Basball does and a bit like Ed just did over on The Ed Zone.

I guess I’ll start with last Saturday because I can’t remember further back than that and it’s also the... Continue reading »

Mr. Clutch, Manny and The Kid

Jon LesterI pretty much spent the weekend at or around Fenway Park. I had tickets to both games of Saturday’s day-night doubleheader against the Texas Rangers. Of course, Mother Nature had other plans for me, because so far this Spring she has Boston confused for the Pacific Northwest.

Mother wanted me to spend half my day at Boston Beer Works getting reaquainted with their excellent Haymarket Hefeweizen and menu. I guess this was fine for me, but it threw other people’s plans into a blender. I had Ed lined up for the night game and Noelle was gracious enough to go to the day game after Joe and Jay couldn’t do it. Thanks to Noelle and her beer choice, I noticed for the first time that BBW’s excellent blueberry beer is actually named Bunker Hill Bluebeery Ale. I have probably been going there for around eight years now and I just noticed that. There’s fun in the minutae of a day I guess.

Anyway, the day game was to start at ... Continue reading »

More Manny Being Manny

Manny Being MannySo I went to the Sox game again last night and they unfortunately lost to the Spankees despite another poor start by Randy Johnson. A highlight for the Sox was Manny continuing his hot streak by swatting two homers to make 4 in 3 games against the Yankees.

Hopefully this has quieted his critics who, prior to the series, were complaining that he has been unproductive despite being second in the league in walks and having a higher average at this time than last year when he also had a slow start. However, everyone wants to point at his higher strikeout rate and lack of home runs and RBI. Of course, as I write this, he’s 0-3 with a BB against Tampa…

Truth be told, he’s off to a great start this year as far as I am concerned. He’s been playing a great left-field and running out of the box. Okay, so there was one night I remember he had a bad baserunning blunder and yes, last night he ran thru a stop sign... Continue reading »