Two new words


I was reading up on comments over at The Ed Zone today and I was reminded of a post I had been meaning to post. You see, I think I have two new words to offer the lexicon, but you tell me. They aren’t quite on the level of a ginormous, but who can aim that big, right?

The first, which reminded me of this idea, stemmed from “bromance.” Now, the Urban Dictionary has all manner of definitions for the word, so going with the first in the list for brevity:

Describes the complicated love and affection shared by two straight males.

I first caught wind of the term this summer, or late spring, when I read/heard that MTV was in town casting for Brody Jenner’s new show on MTV of the same name. I guess since Spencer broke up with him, he’s on the market for a new bro, or at least that’s what the geniuses at MTV want you to believe. I’m sure I will secretly watch it in its HD glory via OnDemand.

Well, my word is a play on that one, except that it has already been done. Yes, I had hoped to coin the term “homance.” Yes, that same wonderful resource, the Urban Dictionary, has three definitions — two of them from late 2006! — for it already, but, not mine. No, mine is simply another term to use for a one-night-stand, as in:

Chip: Bro, what’s up with that hottie you were chatting up last night?

Whit: Oh her, that was just a homance bro.

Chip: [knuckle taps]

Now, that little usage example may have helped me coin another term/word, but let me get to the original second one first. Wha?

Right. Well, it takes two to tango, so a one-night-stand doesn’t necessarily mean that only the girl is a “ho”… they both are… hahaha.

This second one might work out a little better for me since it hasn’t been defined in the Urban Dictionary, so I might really be on to something here. For me to get there, I have to talk about another word that helps you get how I got there. Don’t be offended. They say this word on TV… so I can say I say it… but not about you… unless your name is Mookie. (I kid.)

If you have been around me enough since late last year, you’ll know that I have taken to saying douche or douche bag quite a bit. Yes, it is douchie of me to do this, but there you go. I started pretty much after an episode of My Boys aired last summer — as in 2007 — that featured the word quite a bit. In fact, it was one of the best episodes of the show that year. If you’ll allow me this tangent, why aren’t you watching that show? Go check it out on Critics like it, so should you. You know what happens when critics like unheard of shows, right? Damn…

Okay, so that’s where it originated from. Since that time, and I can’t say it was the first one to bring this into the more popular lexicon, but it has started showing up in more and more shows and films, so while the thought upon hearing the word for some is vile, it is out there, so I feel less douchie, and honestly, the word should be used for someone you really don’t care for, right?

For the record, I am trying to kick the habit and say “d-bag” instead. Not that it dulls it that much, but it is a start. And, I glommed on to the word because of the “douchie” usage more than anything. Back more to my point somewhere in here, obviously, this is not my word…

No. Again, mine is a derivative word and it is “suit bag.” Yes, this is two words… so, I guess it is a term instead of a word. What if I hyphenate it? Make it one word? Whatevs. You get me.

So, this one came to me during an afternoon trip to Starbucks… no, wait… it was out somewhere for lunch. Doesn’t matter. What does matter is there were these two young guys, younger than me… like in their mid-to-late twenties, are in there with their fresh suits, tans and highlights. They were talking some BS nonsense to each other. Probably about their weekend homances on the Vineyard. So, I thought to myself, “what a couple of douche bags.” Then… “what a couple of suitbags.” (Hmm… that looks a little better.)

Since then, I have seen all manner of suit-bags — yeah… definitely the non-hypenated merge — throughout the city. They are everywhere, so start using the term. In fact, I’m sure if you are not in the city, there are still some in your office.

Now then… about that third word… if it isn’t one, I won’t claim it because my introduction to it came from this last season of The Bachelorette. Now, the surfer dude that won (whayeah!?) said “knugs” when knuckle tapping the girl or her papa. I thought, “knuckle hugs,” yeah, I can see that. Now, Urban Dictionary doesn’t have either one and “nugs” just ain’t anywhere near the same thing, except that I think this surfbag, might have been using it. (Surfbag? Hmm…) It does have “knuckle kisses” which is defined as this same thing and there are a bunch of other variations, but not this exact term.

So, what do you think?

Should I try to add my definition of homance and the words/terms suitbag and knugs/knuckle hugs to the Urban Dictionary?

Laughing and scratching your head wondering more about whether I am a regular viewer of The Hills or The Bachelorette?

Think I secretly wished I was a suitbag spending weekends on the Vineyard having homances like Chip and Whit? [knugs]