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Year in consumables: 2009 music

Metric: FantasiesDoes the music post have different rules than the games or movies post? Of course it does. But, that changes this year. In the past, it has allowed for the ranking of anything that I picked up during the year while the list in the Audio pages for that year would only rank stuff from that year. No more.

The list that appears here will strictly be of albums released during that year. Like the past, this list won’t change, but the one in the Audio pages may, and likely will, if the past is any indication. That said, I will... Continue reading »

Telefizzled out

If I were ambitious enough to dive into the archives, I would look and see what the point was in writing these posts for 34+ weeks. I think it was to show attrition in my scheduled viewing, so we’ll go with that and there was definitely some of that, but not as much as I’d hoped for. You see, I know I don’t watch too much telly, but I watch more than I’d like. Anyway, I am thankful for the break this Summer will afford, although Burn Notice starts back up next week.

So, before I try to remember what has come and gone, let me finish off with thoughts on three last episodes I caught this week and last:

How I Met Your Mother: This one finished up last week. It would seem CBS wanted to go longer than everyone else as a lot of their shows did the same. Anyway, no mother and no yellow umbrella, but it does close out with Ted taking the teaching gig and revealing that the mother is in his class, so I guess we are getting some teacher or student macking for this ... Continue reading »

Flixd: four

I am happy that this month swung more back to the mindless entertainment category and away from the chick flicks of last month. There’s really only one here at the end, but two seasons of The Hills kinda makes up a lot of hours, so… yeah…

Same rules apply as the others in the series. These are not reviews, just thoughts and heads.

I actually watched this in March — probably would have helped offset another chick flick — but forgot to put it in that one because I went off my Netflix list and I borrowed the Blu-ray off my boss. Nothing but a Will Smith popcorn flick and that wasn’t surprising because by all accounts that was the billing when it released, but I expect more from a Peter Berg helmed pic. Continue reading »

Telefizzled w.30

I think this is the second week we’ve had with a hiatus on Lost in favor of some *special* and that really ruins the week for me. I look forward to Lost every week because it is smack dab in the middle and it is always there. Except when it’s not. That’s not to say I don’t understand why this happens. ABC wants the season to end on a specific week for ratings purposes and they need to keep their casual viewers up to speed. You know, those that don’t read The Ed Zone.

Semi-rant over. Back to regularly scheduled content.

No wait, I have another rant to get out of the way as it pertains to my first show of the week. That genius running WHDH makes another blunder — just in my book, but not as big as the Leno thing — by running over the start of a network show and then joining it in progress. Now, I don’t know if other stations did the same “Breaking News” coverage of the arrest of the alleged Craigslist idiot, but this channel did and it ran over the s... Continue reading »

Flixd: three

Last month I threw out there that I had already watched a bunch of chick flicks for this month. It was only five days in too. Well, the trend continued and no, I am not copping to all the ones I watched, but I will cop to all the d!ck flicks — thanks for that term Ed — that I watched to try and balance things out. If anyone wants to try and formulate a theory for why I like chick flicks so much, feel free, but be forewarned that any comments to the effect of me being gay will be ignored. (Even though you might be correct.)

Remember the rules here; a few thoughts and a rating. Nothing more.

Eagle Eye As I mentioned in the comments of Ed’s post about this movie, I too had a line about WOPR planned for this one but he beat me to the punch. You should watch this movie and then maybe read my comments about it there. Don̵... Continue reading »

(My) Telefizzled w.15

A couple notes to start this off. First, I am losing track of week counts and how I was really trying to track that number. I thought from start of season, but not sure anymore, so I just skipped ahead another week because this one covers two weeks like the last one did. My feeling is there is a week in there somewhere that nothing was on, but really, who cares, right?

Second, I tweaked the title for this one because this week marked the return of my favorite show on these days. Of course, that show is Scrubs and you knew that because you know that almost every episode title starts with “My” since JD is your narrator. Fun trivia, there are seven episodes not starting with “My,” but instead with “His” (4), “Her” (2) and “Their” (1). Okay, I am kinda a Scrubs nerd and if didn’t already know, I have a man-crush on Zach Braff.

This week seemingly starts television’s second season. We are starting to see mid-season replacements and/or starts of shows like Scrubs, 24 (anyone still watching that?) and Lost (nex... Continue reading »

Telefizzled w.13

Lucky week 13, which was like two weeks ago, but that Festivus holiday had its way with my time. This post includes weeks 12 and 13 since 13 only had my Monday and Tuesday shows at the start of the week.

Chuck (w.12): Sarah’s confidence man daddy shows up played by none other than Gary Cole. No TPS reports. Anyway, the team somehow pulls off a con on some sheik/prince and then goes to heck and then the team decides to save daddy from going to the klink even though he double crossed everyone. Something about a DeLorean and the General Lee too, but kinda just Morgan related noise.

Chuck (w.13): Best guest appearance ever! Sergeant Al Powell is back on the job Christmas Eve at a hostage situation in the Burbank BuyMore. Twinkies still in hand. Turns out Big Al is Big Mike’s cousin. Oh, and Sarah basically executes a Fulcrum agent to protect Chuck, but he doesn’t know why she does this and it just leaves you hanging with something until the series starts back up in January. Of course they used the time previous in the episode to draw the two back together som... Continue reading »

Telefizzled w.11

Again with the thoughts of abandoning this series, but I am reenergized a little tiny bit with the recent commercials for Lost and Scrubs, so something to look forward to, yeah? That said, and because it has been a while, I am going to be quick with this week’s because I don’t entirely remember everything about the shows I watched last week.

Chuck: Found this entertaining as usual and the guest appearance by Carl Lumbly (Dixon on Alias) as Casey’s sensei-gone-wild… err, rogue, was cool. Looked like he was having fun with the part and he’s the second Alias alum to make an appearance here; Kevin Weisman (Marshall) as a former eastern bloc gymnast spy being the other. Awesome’s parents finally make an appearance and despite both being a hundred years old, Bruce Boxleitner and Morgan Fairchild still look good with no help at all (I’m sure).

Big Bang: Um… drawing a blank on this one. Oh… repeat!

HIMYM: Ditto

Eli Stone: Like it matters, but we find out the acupuncturist dude made a copy of Eli’s dad&... Continue reading »

Telefizzled w.10

What happened to week 9? Did you even notice? This here is a two-for-one. Actually, it is probably more like a one-and-a-half-for-one. It would seem that after viewing three shows last night, I am already done for this week, so let’s get it over with!

Chuck (w.9): What’s better than Kate Austen crawling thru HVAC ducts? Sarah Walker crawling thru HVAC ducts. Well, it was what I thought of as it happened. Anyway, this one features the ex getting jealous of Chuck and Sarah. Oh and then kidnapped and rescued. But then she steals Chuck away for a weekend and Casey and Sarah find out she’s an evil spy. And let me continue this on to last night’s episode where…

Chuck (w.10): …they make her not evil, but then evil, but not evil, but then evil again. I’m not sure if she does or does not dig on Chuck now. Whatever, she was captured by Chuck in the end, her guest stint is done and I will surely miss the hot brunette in glasses thing that I seem to dig on. I may take Ed’s advice and sit thru The Faculty for the heckuvit. Maybe it ca... Continue reading »

Telefizzled w.5

(Before I start, are you seeing the blue logo at the top or are you seeing my halloween decorations? Just wondering…)

I am already fizzling out on writing these things. Just kidding. It took me a little extra time to watch one last show from last week, so I had to delay this one a little. It doesn’t matter which one. They were all most teh suck.

There’s a reason I named this series Telefizzled you know…

Chuck: Well, based on what you read, ratings are down for this show and that bums me out. It is a really good show, but NBC and I can’t seem to convince anyone to watch it. If it gets canceled, I am blowing the whole season up until Lost rears its head… and maybe Friday Night Lights. This epsiode was an homage of sorts to Grosse Pointe Blank. We see Sarah as a total nerd in high school and Chuck is giddy to find out some deats about her real life, or so he thinks. Turns out her daddy was a real live confidence man, so whatever name they gave her wasn’t real. I don’t remember if they really sussed it out, but it turns ... Continue reading »