Telefizzled w.5

(Before I start, are you seeing the blue logo at the top or are you seeing my halloween decorations? Just wondering…)

I am already fizzling out on writing these things. Just kidding. It took me a little extra time to watch one last show from last week, so I had to delay this one a little. It doesn’t matter which one. They were all most teh suck.

There’s a reason I named this series Telefizzled you know…

Chuck: Well, based on what you read, ratings are down for this show and that bums me out. It is a really good show, but NBC and I can’t seem to convince anyone to watch it. If it gets canceled, I am blowing the whole season up until Lost rears its head… and maybe Friday Night Lights. This epsiode was an homage of sorts to Grosse Pointe Blank. We see Sarah as a total nerd in high school and Chuck is giddy to find out some deats about her real life, or so he thinks. Turns out her daddy was a real live confidence man, so whatever name they gave her wasn’t real. I don’t remember if they really sussed it out, but it turns out she was recruited into the CIA by the guy that got blown up to start the year after he arrested her daddy. The blank headed Nicole Ritchie guest starred in this one as the evil cheerleader and I guess the point was she is gross. You dig?

Big Bang: The gang tries to get Sheldon to learn how to drive. Computer simulators. Penny looking nice and beating on Sheldon as usual. Sheldon gives up and lives in his office for a month or two instead. Not the best of the year, but certainly not as bad as the previous week.

HIMYM: Stella is not the mom. We figured that out already, no? So that hint they dropped last year about Ted getting back with Robin looks likely to come to fruition. Show is getting real close to being axed off my schedule. This better get good again considering they just axed half the eye-candy.

My Own Worst Enemy: Sets up how this is going to be going forward. Edward and Henry will flash in and out at a key moment in each others lives. Mercy. Still a cool concept, but I’m not totally on-board. At least they started threatening to kill him because he is broken. That seems pretty real to me. Apparently Mike O’Malley’s character is also split like Slater’s. They weren’t clear about that in the pilot.

Eli Stone: Have I said before how just about every episode this show makes me almost cry? Sometimes I actually do too. Maybe you should threaten to kill me because I am broken. This one because Katie Holmes is still in a cult and she isn’t as cute as she used to be. That cult is aging her quickly.

Smallville: Clark is going a little nutty with the hero business. The now powerless Martian Manhunter shows back up as a Metropolis police detective. Jimmy wants to figure out the identities of the hero and the villain. We know the villain is Doomsday and it is the paramedic. The paramedic is the Darth Vader’s secret apprentice. Wait a minute… I am crossing my media. I just started playing Star Wars: The Force Unleashed over the weekend. Anyway, turns out there’s another throwaway villain roaming the streets so they can keep us waiting for Doomsday.

The Office: Show is seriously off the rails. I realized this after watching this one. It sucked so freakin hard I don’t have anything nice to say about it. I can’t wait for Holly to be gone and for them to realize that this show sucks if Jim and Pam aren’t in the same office. Having them apart is killing the show for me, and no, it isn’t because I want them to be in love and all that crap, it is because the interoffice hijinx is best when they team up. Think I won’t drop it? I have once before and I will do it again!

The Hills: Watched it again while waiting for Life on Mars. What? Nothing of importance happened I’m sure. I’ll watch it again this week.

Life on Mars: This might be the next show off my board. Going to give it two more to convince me otherwise. I like the ability for the writers to show what we take for granted in this day and age, especially with respect to all manners of prejudice, but at the same time, I can only take so much of Imperioli’s molestache.

That’s it for another week. 30 Rock starts back up. I’ll watch it until at least Steve Martin shows up and hate that I’ll have to endure Oprah. After that, all promises are off. In fact, by the time November sweeps are over, so might my watching. We’ll see…