Telefizzled w.26

Tracy thru Kenneth's eyes

No Big Bang this week and I still don’t get what’s up with that. CBS showed the new How I Met Your Mother in that spot and followed it with a HIMYM repeat. Why? It wasn’t a special episode or anything. Stupid Sweeps! Of course now that they are over we’ll get some repeats sprinkled into April before the big May finish. We are also getting some new shows like Parks & Recreation (next week?) and returning shows like Aqua Teen Hunger Force and My Boys (both starting this week).

In fact, My Boys is the funniest show you aren’t watching. I pimp it every year it starts back up and you don’t listen. Tuesday at 10.30. Check it out. Seriously.

Okay, on with this past week of telly:

Chuck: That was fast. Orion finds Chuck instead of the other way around and then ends up dead by the end of the episode? He took himself out in a cool way, but still. I guess he did leave Chuck with some help and that’s enough to keep it going. I guess they can’t have him actually get the Intersect out his head or there would be no more show. You’d just have Chuck and Sarah together and playing house? Hey… wait a minute, I just realized this is another case of an unlikely duo like Landry and Tyra. I’m a geek/nerd so where is my hotty? Am I right fat guys? You have King of Queens and According to Jim to agonize over…

How I Met Your Mother: Canadian sexual positions are about all that were good here. Just the names were funny considering most of it didn’t make any sense. Newfies got a shout out but I won’t go into it here. (You know why.) Oh, and the other thing was Ted lost the architect gig with Barney and Marshall’s company so he ends up jobless. Will this lead to him meeting the mother? I’m guessing yes!

Reaper: Sock subcontracts his job to Ted. What a loser that guy is. Ben worries about demon sex. Sam meets his half brother who is a lot more evil than himself. Middling episode. The soul story wasn’t great again, except for the gold scarabs. Those were kinda cool.

Scrubs: Is it me or has Elliot been really different this year? I mean, it seems to be the same thing each week with her. What she is wearing and… um, that’s pretty much it lately, right? At least Janitor was spot on this week. The new surgical intern was probably the best out of all the “their story” narrators. This one was the second “Their Story” episode in case you didn’t know. Oh, and I will give anyone a little side-boob too.

Better Off Ted: Do not taunt happy meat ball. Go ahead and taunt Meatwad. Portia de Rossi is pretty much the only reason to watch this show. She’s been very good the first two episodes. I am guessing if you like Arrested Development, you’d like her here as well. Tony Hale on Chuck; not so much. Anyway, Ted is decent too and I’m not sure about Andrea Anders yet. The two lab guys are still funny too. Is this one worth commenting on though? Are most any of these shows?

Lost: A fairly short comment and follow-up thought are over on The Ed Zone. Not much going on here, in my opinion, that warranted a lot of discussion. This week, I am going with the bounty hunter in the boots. I don’t even know her name…

Smallville: An appearance by another hero of the DC Universe this week; the lovely Zatanna. She grants a few wishes on her way to finding the family book of magics. The biggest being Chloe turning into Lois for a day and Clark experiencing what it would be like to be a regular Joe Reporter without superpowers. Everything turns out well in the end with Chloe taking up the Watchtower moniker and working as a regular member of the Justice League. That won’t get her killed or anything, right?

The Office: Charles (I know his name now) continues to clamp down on the office antics. Like me, he is aware of the effect he has on women. Unlike me, his is a good effect. Anyway, he has to have Jim scared a bit more with his question if he was also giving his notice since he was talking to Michael. By the end of this one I think everyone is starting to realize that life without Michael isn’t going to be pretty and they are going to miss it. Especially Kevin and Stanley for the immediate future. I liked the reference to poor Prince Paper but wondered if their fate was due to Michael and Dwight or the tough economic times. Oh, and my German is also pre-Industrial and mostly religious.

30 Rock: I called 1-900-OKFACE to try and chat up Bijou but there weren’t enough numbers. Damn! I heard she loves to party. That scene was insanely funny, particularly when Jack “Jacked” and everyone scattered like a bomb was going off. Tracy’s bid to go into space and kill an Ewok was also awesome. I wish there was more to that instead of the Lemon/Jenna crap with Dennis. No thanks there. I have never experienced “lizzing” but I know some girls that have. Not that they are reading this. Woe is me, right? When do I get some Tang?

Friday Night Lights: Tim Riggins has won me over for good. Who would ever think he’d be the adult in that relationship at any point in time when it started? Tim trying to convince Lyla to go to school? Precious. Another great mother/daughter scene this week; this time between Tyra and her mom. There was some welling there for that one. (In my eyes!) It beat Tammy and Julie’s last week. (Where was Julie this week?) Lastly, what is the deal with daddy McCoy? I understand that he wants J.D. to become a star and he is probably trying to live vicariously thru his son in some way and all that, but no one contributes to that besides himself? Unlike Landry, I want my cucumber slices thick. They don’t have to be dainty.

Dollhouse: So now we know who bankrolls the Dollhouse(s), right? I think I don’t like Caroline though. Seems like one of those protester types that need to be smacked out of it a little bit. She’s probably better off as Echo! It was easy to see what would happen with this week’s bad guy and that he was after he hooked up with Echo. No more Topher in his boxer-briefs, okay Joss? Please?

Lastly, I caught about half of Life on Mars this week. It was the penultimate episode for the series. I am going to tune into the series finale this week. Too bad it ended up with the fate I thought.