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Lost april fools

This year I supported Ed in another dastardly plan to fool the world on the first day of April. You may remember in past years such support came via e-mail or comments on a post over on his blog or setting up some real ads followed by fake ads on that same blog.

Those were pretty easy to do, but this year, in order to really pull off my role, I had to suffer thru a full half hour of NCIS: Los Angeles as research. Furthermore, and inexplicably, I sat thru the following FULL hour of The Good Wife because I happened to catch the Man in Black on it. Well, at least that little bit of serendipity was worth it.

Anyway, the joke was Ed would throw in the towel on writing weekly Lost reviews and I would decide to pick up th... Continue reading »

Telefizzled out

If I were ambitious enough to dive into the archives, I would look and see what the point was in writing these posts for 34+ weeks. I think it was to show attrition in my scheduled viewing, so we’ll go with that and there was definitely some of that, but not as much as I’d hoped for. You see, I know I don’t watch too much telly, but I watch more than I’d like. Anyway, I am thankful for the break this Summer will afford, although Burn Notice starts back up next week.

So, before I try to remember what has come and gone, let me finish off with thoughts on three last episodes I caught this week and last:

How I Met Your Mother: This one finished up last week. It would seem CBS wanted to go longer than everyone else as a lot of their shows did the same. Anyway, no mother and no yellow umbrella, but it does close out with Ted taking the teaching gig and revealing that the mother is in his class, so I guess we are getting some teacher or student macking for this ... Continue reading »

Telefizzled w.26

Tracy thru Kenneth's eyes

No Big Bang this week and I still don’t get what’s up with that. CBS showed the new How I Met Your Mother in that spot and followed it with a HIMYM repeat. Why? It wasn’t a special episode or anything. Stupid Sweeps! Of course now that they are over we’ll get some repeats sprinkled into April before the big May finish. We are also getting some new shows like Parks & Recreation (next week?) and returning shows like Aqua Teen Hunger Force and My Boys (both starting this week).

In fact, My Boys is the funniest show you aren’t watching. I pimp it every year it starts back up and you don’t listen. Tuesday at 10.30. Check it out. Seriously.

Okay, on with this past week of telly:

Chuck: That was fast. Orion finds Chuck instead of the other way around and then ends up dead by the end of the episode? He took himself out in a cool way, but still. I guess he did leave Chuck with some help and that’s enough to keep it go... Continue reading »

Survival of the Stupidest

You know, when I first read about the plan for the next Survivor to be a battle of the races in this past week’s Entertainment Weekly, I thought it was pretty ignorant and stupid. I am shocked that CBS signed off on this, but then I remembered that TV is getting more and more stupid with gimmicks to grab ratings. Maybe they think it was safer to try this with one of their top shows rather than some other new or lower rated show.

Now we are starting to see some of the fall out from this decision and I applaud GM for dropping their sponsorship. They may say it is coincidence, but I’m not buying it. The show is too high profile and high rated to pull your sponsorship for it. If CBS and the show’s producers really wanted to bring more diversity to the show, which was already pretty diverse in comparison to regular TV, then they should have just mixed up the teams rather than putting them against each other. With 20 people, i... Continue reading »

Network Upfronts

Well, this past week the major networks did all their Upfront new release press conference thingies. If you have no idea what I am talking about it, the simplest way to describe it is they announced shows that will return and the new ones they are going to try out, but likely kill before giving them a chance to find their audience.

I’ll never understand the TV biz because between the three Sweeps periods and the Upfronts, they make their money on selling ad time. Since they have already sold the ad time and have cash in hand, then why do they up and cancel shows before giving them a chance? Or, why do they kill shows by moving them to bad time slots? Why can’t they get ratings from everyone and not just from the mystery Nielsen families?

I always wondered who these so-called Nielsen families were. Come to find out, it’s a little bit like a contest or lottery to become one. I have a friend at work who is now a Nielsen family, so now I know more about it. I don’t care to describe any of this and if I weren’t so lazy or really cared enough,... Continue reading »

Thread da Windmill

That would be the name of my Fantasy Golf team. Yes… that’s correct, fantasy golf. “Team” is a bit of a misnomer as there’s really no team at all, but I don’t know what else to call it. Oh wait, yes I do… “Fantasy Golf waste-of-fifty-dollars.” Yeah, that sums it up nicely.

You may ask, “Why the hell would you play fantasy golf?” Well, I am finding myself asking that very question weekly. Every Tuesday I am e-mailed by Yahoo to set my *line-up* for the start of each tournament on Thursday. Well, since the fourth week of the *season* I have dreaded the roughly 5 minutes I have to spend doing so. I was kicking ass for the first two weeks and then fell to Earth in week 3 and have not recovered since. In fact, the only fun I have really had with this was picking my name, which is a tribute to my mini-golfing past.

Traditionally, fantasy baseball and football have been excellent and enjoyable wastes of money for me. I’ve... Continue reading »