Telefizzled w.32

Another week in the books and the end of this particular series is coming soon. Thankfully. While I believe this exercise is accomplishing its goal, I’m not gonna lie and say I have been enjoying it every week. It seems lately it has been chore, but that’s probably more because it has been going for so long and not because of the content. Most shows have been very good lately.

Big Bang Theory: Poop is funny. Space poop is very funny. You see, any spin on poop jokes is bound to make them better, so a potentially faulty space toilet gathers the lads together for an all-nighter to save Wolowitz’s bacon. Meanwhile Penny has another date with the comic book store guy and we find that she says Leonard’s name during some car snogging. So, I guess we are gonna go out next week the same as last year.

How I Met Your Mother: The yellow umbrella, which we know is linked to the mother somehow, makes another appearance. By the end, Stella (Sarah Chalke) makes another appearance. I’d be cool with her being the mother, but methinks she might be the one that introduces Ted to the mother. We’ll see.

Better Off Ted: Portia de Rossi lets her hair down and schmoozes everyone to boost her employee evaluation, or was that satisfaction rating? I’m not sure. Anyway, she was great and Ted was good too trying to get the old school farts to like him, his last demographic in which his lacked. I have to say, and it might make me a little less manly, but thank gawd I didn’t have to work in an office those days, you know, like on Mad Men. I can’t stand to watch that show either. While I think we are a little too PC most of the time, it is better than the old ways by far. Plus, the dress code is much better. I wore a robot t-shirt to work yesterday. In fact, it was one of Sheldon’s shirts.

My Boys: Winters are pretty brutal in Boston too and yes, we are also prone to sudden Summer like weather in the middle of Winter. That said, I don’t think I have ever experienced crazy behavior during such spells other than wearing shorts the afternoon of a morning snowfall. Is Bobby moving too fast? Do we care? No, I don’t. I care about the guys busting on each other and there was enough of that to leave me satisfied.

Scrubs: The Tuesday episode that should have aired last week was pretty good. I just don’t remember much about it other than that I think. The Wednesday finale was just so awesome. Everything you could ask for was more or less here. If this really was the end of the road then it was a great ride and I will miss it. If they do bring it back, I hope it doesn’t hurt the legacy. I guess we’ll see what we see, but I’m still not sure we really know the Janitor’s name.

Lost: I was a bit lengthier in the comments this week, but my head still hurts in confusion from time travel. It always happens that way sooner or later. Meanwhile, I’m going Ellie for the second week in a row. What can I say; fresh blood is winning the day. That rhymes.

Smallville: Tess and Oliver seem to be doing a good job of backing Clark into a corner so that he pretty much will have to kill Doomsday, but can he even do it? Based on the preview for next week, looks like the Legion is returning to offer a bit of help and/or advice. Should be much better than this week. It was pretty weak.

The Office: Why did Creed come out of the bathroom eating a chicken drumstick? The Dwight and Phyllis thing was kinda disturbing, although funny that he was treating her like a horse. Oh wait, then you have Michael and Angela treating Kevin like a dog too. Andy and Kelly’s dance-off was cool. I called Kelly doing Flashdance, but I thought she was going to leverage the closet shower. I hope Erin sticks around. I am kinda digging her.

30 Rock: Tracy’s dog in a sidecar stuff was awesome. He came back to it. Nice. The stuff with his older-than-him son was funny too. I still love Alan Alda whenever he shows up somewhere. Liz’s best quote was:

Ugh, really, you are going to do the repressed Irish thing? Be Italian for like one second. “I’m a Jack. I don’t know who my father is. I’m so emotional I want to smash these barrels.”

You can’t go wrong with that, or potty humor: “Oh boy, they went with birthing the chicken on the toilet.” Of course they did Lemon, of course they did.

Dollhouse: If this was the last episode, it happened to also possibly/probably be the best episode. The revelations about how the original Alpha situation really went down was awesome. The table turn of Echo on Alpha was awesome. The fact he got away was awesome. That if it returns, former Agent Ballard is in the fold will be awesome. I really hope it comes back. This one in combination with last week proves why we need a Joss Whedon show on the telly again. He does it like no other. Okay, maybe JJ Abrams, but that’s it.

Lastly, I missed Southland last week, but caught it this week. I don’t have Media Center set to record it. It was excellent again and I might just have to dig last week up on Hulu.