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Telefizzled w.32

Another week in the books and the end of this particular series is coming soon. Thankfully. While I believe this exercise is accomplishing its goal, I’m not gonna lie and say I have been enjoying it every week. It seems lately it has been chore, but that’s probably more because it has been going for so long and not because of the content. Most shows have been very good lately.

Big Bang Theory: Poop is funny. Space poop is very funny. You see, any spin on poop jokes is bound to make them better, so a potentially faulty space toilet gathers the lads together for an all-nighter to save Wolowitz’s bacon. Meanwhile Penny has another date with the comic book store guy and we find that she says Leonard’s name during some car snogging. So, I guess we are gonna go out next week the same as last year.

How I Met Your Mother: The yellow umbrella, which we know is linked to the mother somehow, makes another appearance. By the end, Stella (Sarah Chalke) makes another appearance. I’d be cool with her being the mother, but methinks she might be the one ... Continue reading »

Year in consumables: 2006 movies

Casino Royale teaser posterContinuing my late entry into the traditional year-end slash year-in-review lists, I present my list of flicks for 2006.

If you are interested in my list of music, then click that link and I promise my list of games will be out later this week. If I don’t have it done by the end of February, then why bother?

Whether it be in the theater or on DVD, I hardly took in any movies this past year. To that end, I actually reopened my Netflix account two weeks ago, but that doesn’t help this list. I think I am going to start logging movies I have flixed as such on the blog because it might be interesting to track how many I actually take in over the course of a year… well, interesting to me anyway.

I’m going to give you a top five, but that’s not saying much since I probably only... Continue reading »

Tellyman: Week Two

Heroes comic image of Claire

So, continuing a new theme of talking about shows on the telly every week, this is week two. In case you don’t get it, my title this week and last is trying to play on the Batman: Year One and Year Two comic stories. I’m not Tellyman and I don’t know who is. Maybe he has utility belt, but not a slightly-too-young-sidekick.

Yeah, I know…

I don’t know how much longer I will really keep this up, but I at least planned on doing it for the first three weeks since debuts are spread out over that time. Anyway, here’s what I think of week two…

This past week saw the series debut of Heroes and season premiere of Smallville, so I guess an extra dose of comic book type viewing. The image above is from a web comic on the nbc.com site to promote Heroes. The book is penciled by Michael Turner and K... Continue reading »

Tellyman: Week One

Dwight Schrute bobbleheadFor most of us, this week kicked off the first week of the new television season. Sorry, I don’t watch any of the crap on FOX, although that will change when 24 starts up until they kill off Eddie.

Oops, check that… I have watched the first two episodes of ‘Til Death. The giant from Ray doesn’t nothing for me, but I was interested to see what Eddie Kaye Thomas would do on the show and that Kat Foster, who plays his wife, is a little cutie. Thomas is playing it too straight as an assistant principal at the school in which the giant next door neighbor teaches. Of course, the show sucks much ass and I wasted 44 minutes — thank you Media Center — of my life. I knew it would, but I had to make sure. I’m still bitter that Off Centre was cancelled over on UPN, but whatever.

... Continue reading »

Summer Shudder

Nantucket Sound Sunset Well, the title of this post should have been the title of the previous post, but I just wasn’t paying close enough attention. A lot of the time I try to come up with clever titles that play on words and stuff like that and I am sure I am not in the minority there. Look no further than Ed as he consistently comes up with great title posts. Then you have Jason, who usually has me running straight for dictionary.com.

However, when I’m not feeling clever, I try to find a song title that fits my posting topic in some way. Well, I got stuck on Consumed Summer because I was going to write about stuff... Continue reading »

Mission:Impossible III

not a M:i:3 poster

A few things come to mind as I start to write this one:

  1. I am going backwards with my reviews, but I figured for completeness sake, I’d do it that way since the other one I am going to write about is V for Vendetta.
  2. Ed is starting to get me in the habit of posting pictures with my posts. I hate the two posters out there because one has too much Tom Cruise and the other has his name too big, plus it’s just a wee bit ugly. However, I decided I needed a picture! Found this one that someone did up as a wallpaper. Works better.
  3. I need to come up with some kind of format for my reviews, observations, thoughts or whatever I want to call them. Maybe I ought to tell you how I felt about it right up front and then get to the meat because I am always going to have spoilers. I’m not here to write up some fancy review that is going to dance around plot details in an effort to tell you what I think without telling you exact... Continue reading »

Network Upfronts

Well, this past week the major networks did all their Upfront new release press conference thingies. If you have no idea what I am talking about it, the simplest way to describe it is they announced shows that will return and the new ones they are going to try out, but likely kill before giving them a chance to find their audience.

I’ll never understand the TV biz because between the three Sweeps periods and the Upfronts, they make their money on selling ad time. Since they have already sold the ad time and have cash in hand, then why do they up and cancel shows before giving them a chance? Or, why do they kill shows by moving them to bad time slots? Why can’t they get ratings from everyone and not just from the mystery Nielsen families?

I always wondered who these so-called Nielsen families were. Come to find out, it’s a little bit like a contest or lottery to become one. I have a friend at work who is now a Nielsen family, so now I know more about it. I don’t care to describe any of this and if I weren’t so lazy or really cared enough,... Continue reading »