Telefizzled w.33

Pretty much everything is done now. How I Met Your Mother ends this upcoming week, but that is it. Okay, a couple other CBS shows I kinda watch, Rules of Engagement and Gary Unmarried, also end this upcoming week. Point is, this is the penultimate post in this series. The last one will close out HIMYM and I’ll still write something about My Boys, but hopefully I can write something about the network up-fronts and make plans for next season. Which, yes, does sound wrong.

Big Bang Theory: Other than Penny finishing the thought, or providing the real answer to the question, on the other side of the door, this wasn’t much of a season ender. At least make us think the guys aren’t going to survive their arctic experience or something. Sheesh.

How I Met Your Mother: Okay, so Stella just shows back up to put that possibility to bed. Fine. I’m down with that. But, Ted has been carrying around that damn yellow umbrella and that is annoying. We’ll see if anything pans out this week with that, but I just read in EW that they don’t plan on revealing the mother until the series finale. That said, I assume they will introduce her prior to that. Also, I’m not sure this show should last more than one more season. What do you think?

My Boys: Loved this Facebook centered episode. It nails a lot of what is going on with this phenomenon, especially with the friend and status stuff. The cyberstalking, I’m sorry… researching, that Mike was doing is probably true too, but it was good to see that old fashioned meatspace interaction wins out. At least for now. I will say that for most people, it seems to have about a four month hold on you and it quickly wanes after that.

Lost: This season ender was just sooo very good and I have no idea what is really going to happen at the start of next season! I’m not sure how we can wait 6+ months for it to start back up. Anyway, comments over on The Ed Zone. Everyone threw out some good thoughts there on what they think is going on and what might happen. Going Juliet this week. Likely the last time I can do it.

Smallville: Did they really just kill Jimmy Olsen? I think they did, unless the new Legion ring comes into play, which very well could depending on where the hell Lois ended up with it. Also, I’m not buying Doomsday being sealed in the ground as the ultimate solution to that story. He is an unstoppable killing machine and that shouldn’t be enough to stop him. Like the comics, he may likely return from “death.” Also, the person standing over the Zod symbol at the end looked to be Davis.

The Office: So, I can’t rate this one very high, but it was good. I liked the volleyball stuff and certainly the opening was awesome, but the Michael and Holly stuff kills the mojo for me every time. The only part that didn’t make me squirm was the end when they are talking about the results of their skit. Oh, I will say that the reveal of Buffalo as a branch closing was classic. One wonders why Wallace would even tell Michael something like that. You’d think the guy would learn. Charles getting on Jim was good too. That guy still doesn’t get it. Oh, and Dwight’s clone, Rolfe, was funny. Looks like they will spark up the Dwight and Angela thing next season. Maybe Andy will pull Erin. Certainly the ending was unexpected and should prove interesting next season.

30 Rock: This one was off the tracks though. Is it funny because they pulled together so many guest appearances for the hell of it? About the only thing entertaining there was some of them admitted to being drunk! Dr. Spaceman was awesome of course. Liz on that talk show was good, but too short. Just wasn’t feeling the rest. It was probably just me though. What about you?