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Telefizzled w.33

Pretty much everything is done now. How I Met Your Mother ends this upcoming week, but that is it. Okay, a couple other CBS shows I kinda watch, Rules of Engagement and Gary Unmarried, also end this upcoming week. Point is, this is the penultimate post in this series. The last one will close out HIMYM and I’ll still write something about My Boys, but hopefully I can write something about the network up-fronts and make plans for next season. Which, yes, does sound wrong.

Big Bang Theory: Other than Penny finishing the thought, or providing the real answer to the question, on the other side of the door, this wasn’t much of a season ender. At least make us think the guys aren’t going to survive their arctic experience or something. Sheesh.

How I Met Your Mother: Okay, so Stella just shows back up to put that possibility to bed. Fine. I’m down with that. But, Ted has been carrying around that damn yellow umbrella and that is annoying. We’ll see if anything pans out this week with that, but I just read in EW that they don’t plan on revea... Continue reading »

Year in consumables: 2008 music

Viva la Vida Prospekt's March

Here it is, the last post in the series (games, movies) for the year and the one that no one cares about. Okay, maybe a couple friends on Facebook will care. Maybe.

So, this one works pretty much like all the others in that I write about what I consumed this past year. That said, this one does have a wrinkle. I also manage individual Top Ten lists in the Audio section of the site and these are strict to the album release year. As part of the exercise leading up to writing this post I finally went ahead and updated that lonely list for 2006 and added previously promised... Continue reading »

Let it snow. Again.

MLK snow

Stop the whining. Just stop. Please.

You live in the Northeast. It is winter. It snows. It has all your life. It will continue to do so for the rest of it. You will have to plow it. Snow-blow it. Shovel it. Drive in it. Deal with it.

Just because we have had a couple mild winters the previous two years didn’t mean it was going away. You just forgot in your old age. Your back got crankier. You got complacent. You didn’t want to buy a new shovel. You forgot how to drive in it. You can now complain about it in your Facebook status.

However, you can also play with your kids in it. Sled on it. Build a snowman with it. Make snowballs of it. Board or ski thru it. Make a snow angel in it. (Unless you are in an NFL game and can’t afford the 10k fine.) Instead of complaining about it, why don’t you have some fun in it?

Me? Continue reading »

I resolve

First of the year

[As the sun sets on another year we… hahaha… no really, no heavy reflection here. Besides, that is the first sunset of this new year.]

Last year I wrote a bit about resolutions and never really stated what those were other than to be a better blogger — keep laughing, I am — and to stay in touch with faraway friends a bit better. Well, if you are keeping score, I didn’t do well with either, but probably better with the blogging than the staying in touch. As for the unrevealed ones, much worse. In fact, for one, total and utter failure.

This year, I am going to throw a couple right out there right now and we’ll see what happens. You can maybe help hold me to them. Or maybe you don’t care. Heck, as Juice commented last... Continue reading »