K cards

Welcome to the summer, or rather, the “blog days of summer” as I like to call them, where not a whole lot of blogging happens! When it does, you don’t care. You’ll understand more when you read my next Flixd post. It won’t be pretty for almost all of you. I do have some other stuff in mind for you coming soon though. Kind of half year check-ins on the consumables idea.

Anyway, I figured I’d toss this up to put that first bit of info out, but also because Ed hit a number that needed capturing for eternity on the internets.

So, these aren’t the baseball kind of K cards (which you’d normally associate with summer), but rather, those that celebrate Xbox Live Gamerscore milestones. But, they just changed their site design and these don’t look like cards anymore; at least the parts that kept from the screen cap don’t. The new “cards” are quite large as they also include a full image of your avatar. Anyway, I cropped them a lot to show just the vital info.

So, here’s to Mistah Plow for landing on 40k exactly! He need not retire on such a number — he’s already gone over it — because he needs to replace the memory of how he got it. Yeah, he fired up Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball to get the even 15 points he need to make the exact mark. Maybe 50k will be it though.

As for me, I just bumped over 30k last weekend when I finished Red Faction Guerilla. I only share a three at the front with Plow for a few days. It is pretty amazing he’s almost a full 10k up on me!

Lastly, Mookie is creeping up on 30k himself, so that might warrant celebration. I have to make sure I stay in front of him though.