Bombed in

If I were drinking more this evening, that would be even more true, but I am only cracking open my third now. UFO White if you are wondering.

Anyway, the title is pretty easy to figure out… or actually, not. You see, I am bombing this one in last minute so that the month doesn’t go by without something being published in this space. This is much the same as what happened last July. In fact, much of what I was going to write was the same kind of crap I wrote last year. I just don’t have time before midnight to do it. Nor do I really have the desire right now. In fact, I haven’t all month. (As you can see.)

My idea in the previous post was to do half-year reviews and such this month. Well, work and… um, well, work got in the way for most of the month. I thought that being on vacation this week might help motivate me but I really pissed away the week doing almost nothing. I made a poor choice about when to spend time down the Cape and the weather chose to agree with me. I figured I’d take the first couple days and chill at home and then head down for the second part. Well, as you may have noticed, the second part was chock full of clouds and some rain whereas Monday and Tuesday were prime beach days. (Well, as prime as they can be for this summer so far.)

So, then I thought I’d blast up some photos I took when the Tall Ships were in town for Sail Boston 2009. Thing about it is they need some editing and that takes some time that I forgot about and wasn’t going to get done tonight because I am sans software to effectively do it. That is due to blowing away my desktop of Vista and installing Windows 7. If you haven’t upgraded to Vista, you will want to upgrade to 7. It is super, super sweet. Don’t get me wrong though, Vista is good too — I was never a basher and I have been a user since it was in beta — but 7 is so much more polished. Lots of nice little details. It is basically what Vista should have been had they not had to rush it out since it took so damn long because they flushed halfway thru the development.

Back to the ships, I thought those would be nice to throw up quick and maybe you didn’t see them (or never have). I remember seeing them a couple times as a kid, most especially in 76. In fact, that may well be one of my earliest memories of an activity. Well, besides the editing, I actually should throw up the rest of my Spring photos to complete that series in order. Oh, and I still have something left over from last October. Hope those make it up before it has been a year.

Hey, would you look at that, a post mostly about nothing, but a little about some things. I will probably expound on some of these bits in the future.

Do you believe me?