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Lost april fools

This year I supported Ed in another dastardly plan to fool the world on the first day of April. You may remember in past years such support came via e-mail or comments on a post over on his blog or setting up some real ads followed by fake ads on that same blog.

Those were pretty easy to do, but this year, in order to really pull off my role, I had to suffer thru a full half hour of NCIS: Los Angeles as research. Furthermore, and inexplicably, I sat thru the following FULL hour of The Good Wife because I happened to catch the Man in Black on it. Well, at least that little bit of serendipity was worth it.

Anyway, the joke was Ed would throw in the towel on writing weekly Lost reviews and I would decide to pick up th... Continue reading »

Shiny bits

At long last, here are the shiny bits.

I know, it is plain, but not as plain as what came before it, right?

Well, this is pretty much all the shine that is going to be around here. I’m going to move on to some feature bits. In fact, the reason getting the shiny bits out here took a little longer was due to taking a feature bit out as I didn’t feel it was quite ready yet. (Oh, and working a lot.)

Anyway, I won’t be working quite as crazily as I have been lately, so now I’ll feel up to coding a bit when I get home at a reasonable hour. Oh, and that means I can catch up on telly too. And Xbox. And comics (really!). And blogging.

You’ve heard this before. I know.

You don’t believe me. I know.

I can tell this because many have stopped dropping by as of late. I don’t blame you. Why would stop by if I’m not, right? Conti... Continue reading »

Lost: The Constant

So, I started watching this episode about 15 minutes after it started, so I was a little more confused than I should have been, and with time jumping/traveling, that’s shaky ground already! I think I need to start guaranteeing I get myself out of work in time to get home for nine so I can watch all of it in HD. Either that, or waste money on a Comcast DVR cable box so I can record it in HD. Media Center only records standard def over cable.

Obviously it made more sense when I watched the beginning after the end. My comments are on the newly refreshed Ed Zone.

Random TV moment, the guy playing the freighter doctor appeared in the episode of Eli Stone that aired after Lost. In that, he played an automotive corporation whistle-blower cum Hawaiian surf shop owner after being paid off…

I know you don’t care, it was just random. I know this because, yes, I sit thru Eli Stone to watch Julie Gonzalo, who was on Veronica Mars last year, and is way, way cuter/hotter as a brunnette.

Uh-oh… not only is this a long aside, but it is devolving into my Lost aside posting practices from the end of last year… you know, where I just talk about the ladies. Must be something about Spring approaching. 😉

Live redesign

I am going to be working on a live redesign of the OB1og for, well… as long as it takes I guess.

You see, part of the reason I wasn’t writing much, other than what I mentioned in The Blog Identity, was I was pretty sick of looking at the site design. When I started this thing, I had planned on doing it over at least every six months. But once it was up and running I let it go longer than that because the design was, IMHO, a pretty simple and good one.

So, as a way of getting around not making a change sooner, I thought that changing colors as the seasons progressed would give it a slight kick, but it really didn’t do much for me. When I took the time to bust out something new for The Ed Zone, I couldn’t help finally doing something here.

Since ZonEd 2.0 came out so well, again IMHO, I am going to use it to start off OB1og 2.0. There’s a lot I like about this design and a... Continue reading »

Generic Radio

There was a time when I thought this might be my first post. Around the time I was building Ed’s blog, I was digging thru some old stuff and found an old Memorex tape.

I don’t remember what I was looking for now, but I am glad I found this tape. I must have taken ownership of it at some point over the years from my Uncle Chris. It is labeled “Generic Radio 12-23-87” and it is probably the only recording in existence of a radio show I did in high school with my friend Johnny B.

John and I had a show on Rockland’s community/high school station WRPS 88.3 FM on Wednesday from 5-7pm. So, it was very small-time and definitely not like a Saved By the Bell thing either. I am shocked there was enough juice for my uncle to get that tuned in as far away as Milton MA. The iPod car transmitters probably have more juice these days.

Christmas time in 87 would have been my Junior year in high school and I think by that point we had been doing the show for almost two months. I ended up doing... Continue reading »

Walk This World

Time to have fun. Time to feel pain. Time to meet the World. Hello World!

Hello World symbolizes a first step in a new environment and geeks the world ‘round use it. WordPress starts every new blog off with it, so how can I resist putting my own spin on it as I Walk This (New) World?

Walk This World is a song by Heather Nova and I thought it a more appropriate title for my first post in the Blogosphere. Certainly has a better ring to it than Hello World, yeah?

I can see I am already losing my fledgling readership — all eleven of you — so I’d better get to the point, which is to say, I haven’t one. Yup, this is a mind dump of pure rubbish. You see, like most blogs, I’m not entirely sure this one will have a point either.

I am no writer. I don’t want to be a writer. I don’t t... Continue reading »