Live redesign

I am going to be working on a live redesign of the OB1og for, well… as long as it takes I guess.

You see, part of the reason I wasn’t writing much, other than what I mentioned in The Blog Identity, was I was pretty sick of looking at the site design. When I started this thing, I had planned on doing it over at least every six months. But once it was up and running I let it go longer than that because the design was, IMHO, a pretty simple and good one.

So, as a way of getting around not making a change sooner, I thought that changing colors as the seasons progressed would give it a slight kick, but it really didn’t do much for me. When I took the time to bust out something new for The Ed Zone, I couldn’t help finally doing something here.

Since ZonEd 2.0 came out so well, again IMHO, I am going to use it to start off OB1og 2.0. There’s a lot I like about this design and a lot that could change to better fit my needs. For now, I made a couple quick little changes that better suit my content needs to start, but way more should be on the way. In fact, in living with ZonEd 2.0 for a little while, some changes could be made there as well that might better fit what Ed is doing with his content.

For now, I am back to showing the last photos in my flickr stream, but larger than thumbs because my photography is going to start taking a more important role here. I also trimmed my post list to a preview of just the latest with a list of five more. Finally, my Asides are at the bottom of the front page as opposed to the side due to the photos taking more space, but also because I tend to write more Asides and they are longer. Everything else is the same as the Zone, but that may not last long.

So, look forward to changes here and hopefully I’ll always keep things usable, i.e. not broken, as change happens. Feel free to use the comments on this post to give me your feedback as I muck about.