Ignoring it is bliss

Oh little blog, how I have ignored you these past couple weeks… and boy has it been great. Not feeling pressured to write a damn thing to bore the masses with endless drivel, just like this post.

Are you bored yet?

Don’t worry, you’ll get there. I already am, but reflect on the fact that blogging is now 10 years old. Consider how many boring blog posts have been posted over that time! See my latest aside for more.

Of course, there are numerous reasons I haven’t blogged lately, the first being the continued drama of being a fantasy baseball league commissioner, especially when said league includes a Mookie. I have spent many a late night over the past week tending to my little baseball league that barely can. However, light is at the end of the tunnel now, so time is freed up to blog a bit.

So, continuing to riff on the baseball, and real quick mind you as many of you care less, I just want to point out a couple things. One, no matter how old men get, they are still big babies and will gather up their toys and go home when things don’t go their way. Two, men define fairness for what backs up their point slash opinion and everyone else is out to get them, steal from them, etc. Three, you know you have an interesting league when returning owners take out restraining orders against Mookie as a stipulation for their return and your new assistant commish wants extensive Mook smackdown powers.

All kidding aside, I am very happy that the league will be on for another year and that the late nights I pulled weren’t for naught (does that count as a double negative?).

Last week I went bowling for an off-site for work. You might remember that last time we did this it was for a cricket match, and seeing as how I faired badly at that, you might think I’d get some measure of revenge at candlepin bowling. You’d be wrong.

Despite extensive candlepin bowling as a youngster, it ain’t like riding a bike… at least not for me. I remember doing okay when many of us played for Joe and Jenn’s rehearsal dinner night, but this time out I was horrible. How horrible was I? So horrible that I managed the lowest score… a meager 42. That would be thanks to two zero frames and two one-pin frames.

Amazingly enough, my team (out of 10), had the two highest scorers and we won, so I walked off with two trophies. Sweet! If you are wondering, I did much better with my second game and scored a respectable 75-ish. It was most likely due to the continued consumption of beer and tips from my manager who scored the highest score. She mentioned I might want to bend further down… I knew I could blame my height!

Anyway, the most interesting part of the day was discovering an original Simpsons arcade game still in the wild — see crappy mobile pic — at the bowling alley. I echo Jason in the hopes that this sucker shows itself on Xbox Live Arcade around the time The Simpsons movie drops this Summer. No one was asking for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie or game on XBLA, but both are upon us. Okay, maybe Jason asked.

crappy mobile pic of Simpsons arcade game

Hey, I just realized I’m doing the same thing Jason just did with his Item post. I’m a stealer. Might as well continue…

If I am Ed, I am more than a little hopping mad that news is breaking of a new Xbox 360 configuration — the Elite — rumored to be available very soon. He just reacquired one on Saturday, which was a brick out of the box, and a replacement on Sunday. Not only is the thing back in black, but sports a larger hard drive and the holy HDMI port (and cable? Take that Sony!). Seeing as I have nothing better to spend money on, I’ll be in line for one of these things as soon as they hit the street.

Oh… I guess that reminds me that blogging may be further reduced now that Ed is back in the fold. Not only will we be playing co-op Gears of War, but eventually laying the smackdown on our cousins — and maybe even Mookie if he gets a man-game — via XBL. I also picked up Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 (GRAW2) last weekend, so that’s another co-op possibility down the road. Of course, gaming may simply replace time otherwise spent in front of new telly shows, which seem to have gone missing for the last and next few weeks.

Next to lastly, I’ll be spending some time working on my supposed Live Redesign (which hasn’t been so lively) and a redesign/refreshing of another blog under wraps until it is unwrapped, so right around X-Mas I think…

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a few links that I was too lazy to make asides over the past week:

  • Microsoft’s Games for Windows Live launches May 8th: Can’t wait to get pwned by PC gamers wielding keyboards and laser mice. To make things fair, they should require them to use the same wireless controller we use on the 360 now that the thing works with a PC… or, at the very least, identify them as such so that we can avoid them… or, and this should be easy to do since the 360 has USB ports, allow keyboard and mouse use on the 360!
  • Wii gets Lego-fied: Honestly, not the finest piece of Legotry, but I had to continue our documentation of interesting Lego creations.
  • Playing video games improves eyesight: Apparently Ed’s eyes didn’t get the memo because his are headed in the opposite direction… or they did, as he has perfect eyesight, but he has one of those nice side effects the drug commercials like to blabber on about…

Post to lastly, I’ll have a thought piece, not a review, on 300 later this week. Ed and I took it in on Saturday and even without reading anything I’ll mind dump on you, see the film. It’s a good one.