Forty-four more

I guess when it comes to posting new photosets, I am going in multiples of eleven lately.

I know that even though I have a list of posts to get out here, I haven’t and let’s be honest, it is not like anyone is complaining that I have been so lazy for the past month. I might get some up soon… or not. I guess I can depend on usually having some photos to throw out there when my writing muscle is atrophying…

So, I just posted a bunch from two games played against the Cleveland Indians — the return of Trot Nixon! — May 29-30. I went to the game on the 4th with Noelle — Ed‘s loss was my gain! — and got a lot of great new photos from the seats behind the plate, so I figured I had to get these out there first.

Unlike the last two sets, I didn’t edit these at all and I barely commented them. I figured they were good enough as is for now, although I might change some out over time, but maybe not. I realized tonight, or maybe I actually already realized this previously and then forgot, but I realized that when the Flickr Uploadr does its thing and resizes the originals to 1600-by-whatever (because they are too large), it also lowers the quality of the image. I imagine this is to make the upload faster or to help out non-paying Flickrites that have a monthly upload size limit, but for we *Pro* accounts, why can’t we set it to not kill the quality? I do like the resize though since most of you don’t have your computer resolution set at a 1920 x 1200 for a widescreen LCD.

Anyway, should you look at the larger sizes, just realize that if it is blurry, it might not be my fault. 🙂

All that said, these games were pretty good. Josh Beckett and Daisuke Matsuzaka starts, so you’re jealous, yeah? They did lose D-Mat’s start, but Beckett was solid in coming off the DL.

It was good to see old friend Trot Nixon patrolling right-field at Fenway again, even if for the visiting team. I’ll always still be a Trot fan, assuming he never puts on Yankee pinstripes, which I seriously doubt.

Well, enjoy the photos if you are so inclined. As I have recently been saying, it is best to bust your browser into full screen mode (F11 key) and view the slideshow. Click the “i” when you hover over the first photo to turn on the titles and descriptions.