Seven five six

Err… make that seven.

So, the mushroom head did it last night. He’s now King Koopa and has already hit another in his first AB tonight.

I’d congratulate him if I didn’t think he has cheated along the way. See my previous post about that, but at least it is finally over. No more interruptions on ESPN or showing every meaningless Giants game on ESPN 2 every night. I guess I felt the need to comment because I posted that last bit. I didn’t catch it live, but rather cut over to ESPN when Hazel Mae interrupted D.O. and the Remdawg during another loss to the Halos. At least he showed some class in thanking other people and genuine emotion for his Dad. He’s still got some good in him.

But, the man with real class, Hank Aaron, finally broke his silence on the subject and came out and congratulated Barry. Man, was that more awkward than Selig’s act? I gotta think so, but you know, it was a good way for the man holding the real record to remind everyone of just that, so I’ll congratulate The Hammer instead of The Mushroom.

When will that indictment drop now? Too late I think. An asterisk won’t be as good as him not having the chance to get there. Boo to the slow @ss American justice system…