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Buh bye

Won’t have to hear that much longer… unless she turns up on ESPN.

That’s right, Hazel Mae is goners. Buh bye bombs. She might have burst onto the scene four years ago, but she became old news in my book soon after. By burst, I mean I never cared about her until that Fever Pitch premiere dress she was wearing. That was the event, right? Yup, I found myself prone to become a typical male and stare in awe at her… well… you know. It was quickly downhill from there.

Anyway, shocked to read that she dated doughboy Steve Levy… was she trying to sleep her way into ESPN? Leave it to the Inside Track to give us the good stuff. Ricky Davis? Really? Huh… wait a minute… did Perez Hilton take over this blog???

I find it funny that I got to that Herald story from bos... Continue reading »

Seven five six

Err… make that seven.

So, the mushroom head did it last night. He’s now King Koopa and has already hit another in his first AB tonight.

I’d congratulate him if I didn’t think he has cheated along the way. See my previous post about that, but at least it is finally over. No more interruptions on ESPN or showing every meaningless Giants game on ESPN 2 every night. I guess I felt the need to comment because I posted that last bit. I didn’t catch it live, but rather cut over to ESPN when Hazel Mae interrupted D.O. and the Remdawg during another loss to the Halos. At least he showed some class in thanking other people and genuine emotion for his Dad. He’s still got some good in him.

But, the man with real class, Hank Aaron, finally broke his silence on the subject and came out and congratulated Barry. Man, was that more awkward than Selig’s act? I gotta think so, but you know, it was a good way for the man holding the real record to remind everyone of just that, so I’ll congratulate The Hammer instead of The Mushroom.

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Challenge Met

In case anyone is wondering, I had one friend accept my Jimmy Fund Challenge. I won’t name the person unless they want me to, but I am very happy to have inspired at least one donation. Maybe next year, there will be two people!

In the spirit of the challenge’s intention, I just went ahead and doubled my normal donation to make it $200. For those that like to keep score, that’s a Home Run according to the Jimmy Fund site. But, no matter the size, it all goes to the same cause.

Also, if you were interested in donating, but just couldn’t at this time, you can donate at any time throughtout the year on their Jimmy Fund site. If you do, let me know and I’ll still match you.

UPDATE: They just announced during the latest drubbing of the Sox by the Yankees game that they have eclipsed last year’s total and Hazel Mae reported Rocket Roger Clemens do... Continue reading »

Tomb Raider: Legend

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend boxHopefully this is going to be a short review that I can just bang out real quick before hitting the sack. It should be short because the game itself was short. I used to hate short games, but I really enjoyed this one, so I wish it were longer.

I have played most of the Tomb Raider slash Lara Croft games. This one is the latest in the series and has a seriously long title: Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend. I’ll just go with TRL for short since that’s just fun in itself. We love Carson and how his good Karma inspired Earl, which in turn entertained me for a television season (and so far, Summer with re-runs).

I gotta say right off the bat that this is without a doubt the best TR game I have played. I really enjoyed the first two, but this one was just great. I suppose a lot of that has to do with the evolution of the game and character. The next-gen graphics really helped this game excel in that I wasn’t co... Continue reading »