We make soxytime

Well, other than dropping post-length comments on Ed’s blog, I haven’t posted anything here until now. That’s part lazy blogger and part didn’t-have-to because Ed did. Now that we are headed to the World Series again, I think the time has come to at least acknowledge it here.

So, let me start by saying “I told you so.” Sox in seven baby!

Hey, and that is never mind defending Drew — ask Ed or Noelle, I basically called JD’s shot — or agreeing on Ellsbury or… hey, that’s enough. The ALCS was a great series, just like I knew it would be. Of course, I’m happier that the Sox pulled it out, but had the Indians held on, props to them too. After all, they won as many games as the Sox did this year and beat a Yankees team that was probably better (at the time) than the Angels team we faced.

As for facing these Colorado Rockies, well we’ll see what we see. They beat up on us 2-1 in 3 games at Fenway this year. I doubt they get to Josh this time around and Schill will avoid Coors, where he hates to pitch. Who knows what Wake’s knuckle does in Coors or what we’ll get out of D-Mat? We got what we needed out of him last night, so keep that ball rolling. Will the young, inexperience Rockies’ lineup fold like the young, inexperienced Tribe lineup? What about those young pitchers? Yeah, the load is on them. Will their luck finally run out or will their talent continue to shine?

Well, I don’t know. I figured whether it was the Sox or Tribe, it would be slam dunk. Surely no more than five games, but now, I don’t know. Three games at Coors in the middle there might be scary. They have way more HR hitters than we do, but then, it isn’t exactly warm, sunny, Summer days in Denver right now, right? A video of a recent workout showed them taking infield in the snow.

You know what? I’ll go with Sox in six.

And win or lose, Joe is gonna be happy as he has some odd allegience to the Rox. Not sure where that ever came from, a love of purple perhaps, but maybe he’ll share. Win or lose, it won’t be the end of the world as long as we don’t go out like chumps. We won in 04 and this is gravy, right? It is certainly a far cry from 04. Ed and used to spend much time e-mailing back and forth during the day after each game. If we had our blogs back then, we would have been filling them with our hopes and fears each of those days, but now, the urgency isn’t there.

Oh, let me tack this on… Jason mentioned Shaugnessy’s column from last week in his latest post and I have to agree with Jason on that one. So, how does he follow that up? Well, with a fluff piece on Kevin Millar, that’s how. Now, doesn’t he hate that guy and where’s the humble pie Danny? Now, I think the Millar thing was definitely odd considering he’s still an active Bird, but if it helped the home team get the job done last night with the channeling of past, positive energies, then flip the Birds and Cowboy Up!