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We make soxytime

Well, other than dropping post-length comments on Ed’s blog, I haven’t posted anything here until now. That’s part lazy blogger and part didn’t-have-to because Ed did. Now that we are headed to the World Series again, I think the time has come to at least acknowledge it here.

So, let me start by saying “I told you so.” Sox in seven baby!

Hey, and that is never mind defending Drew — ask Ed or Noelle, I basically called JD’s shot — or agreeing on Ellsbury or… hey, that’s enough. The ALCS was a great series, just like I knew it would be. Of course, I’m happier that the Sox pulled it out, but had the Indians held on, props to them too. After all, they won as many games as the Sox did this year and beat a Yankees team that was probably better (at the time) than the Angels team we faced.

As for facing... Continue reading »

Three se7ens

Not sure why I feel compelled to post something today. I mean, it is cool that today is 07.07.07 and all, but does that mean I need to acknowledge that with a post?

This is a post, so I guess so, but how to acknowledge it exactly? I mean, I can’t just post this and be on my way, can I?

I suppose I could, but I did have one little idea. I thought, maybe since there are three sevens, I’d do three lists of seven. And, since it is Summer, maybe have one list be of things I have enjoyed so far, another of things I have not and finally, the third of things I am looking forward to over the rest of the Summer.

Yeah, that works and it gives me a chance to fill in some blanks since I haven’t posted much lately. Of course, it hasn’t been officially Summer for but three weeks, but we all know we started thinking it was way earlier than what the solstice tells us, right?

Anyway, here goes nothing:

Seven up

  1. Transformers Yup, just saw it today and I’m leading off with it. Even if you are not a fan, of them or Michael B... Continue reading »

Forty-four more

I guess when it comes to posting new photosets, I am going in multiples of eleven lately.

I know that even though I have a list of posts to get out here, I haven’t and let’s be honest, it is not like anyone is complaining that I have been so lazy for the past month. I might get some up soon… or not. I guess I can depend on usually having some photos to throw out there when my writing muscle is atrophying…

So, I just posted a bunch from two games played against the Cleveland Indians — the return of Trot Nixon! — May 29-30. I went to the game on the 4th with Noelle — Ed‘s loss was my gain! — and got a lot of great new photos from the seats behind the plate, so I figured I had to get these out there first.

Unlike the last two sets, I didn’t edit these at all and I barely commented them. I figured they were good enough as is for now, although I... Continue reading »


So, I just wanted to post a little quick hit about not much of anything. Feel free to read anything about nothing.

Let me start with last weekend’s Sox and Yankees series at Fenway… our Sox dropped two of three to the Limping Empire. In case you missed it, that means they have dropped four of the last six, even before Roger rockets in to save their season. True enough, the Bombers — hey… Bombers and a Rocket… never mind — were still twelve and a half out at the end of that, but it has to have boosted their morale, yeah? The good news is we are still up on them seven to five for the season and we won’t meet again until August. Tough for them to make up ground on us if we aren’t playing against one another (and we don’t tank).

Anyway, dropping the first two to a decent Oaktown team — Haren? Yes. DiNardo? Really? — doesn’t have me brimming with confidence. I guess it is just losing the last three in a row is tough to take. Wonder if they’ve done that this year (I’m not checking)?

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Four jacks

Juice sent a link out via e-mail tonight and I figured I’d post it — you need to read the full post to get the link — for the two of you probably not on his e-mail list. It is the new SportsCenter clip of David Ortiz and Jorge Posada. If it isn’t the first video in the player/list, look for it. It is entitled “Betrayal.” Wally’s reaction is priceless.

I almost wish I didn’t see this, because while funny and clever, it is a little disturbing. I mean, the thought that Papi thought it was okay to ever put on a Yankee cap, whether for fun or not, isn’t sitting well with me. Good thing for us he’ll never wear one where it counts.

Anyone else see the irony of a DH giving hat advice to a catcher? He’s the only other guy not wearing a hat full-time since he never sees the field (outside an interleague game).

For a little payback, I’d like to see Jason Giambi trying to give Jason Varitek advice on hats…... Continue reading »