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Not Rocktober… Soxtober!

Not that you had time to notice, but the Colorado club fancied October as Rocktober. I think they may have succeeded in copyrighting or trademarking it. Well, we all knew it was really Soxtober, right? No one gave up on the (tied-for) best team in baseball, right?

Well, I can’t figure out if I did or not. I’m thinking not… or, at least not like in the 2004 ALCS. Yeah, I skipped watching a couple games against the Tribe, but one was on purpose and another because of work (the 2nd Beckett gem). I did see Game 6 though and of course, Game 7 following Mookie’s wedding.

Anyway, there wasn’t much doubt as soon as they got passed Cleveland. The Rox were on an incredible run, but you knew it would end when they reached an AL team, no? I never thought they were going to beat the Jake Peavy and the Padres in the one game playoff. Then I thought they’d meet their match in the just-as-hot Phillies, but no, the swept those fools. The Diamondbacks?... Continue reading »

We make soxytime

Well, other than dropping post-length comments on Ed’s blog, I haven’t posted anything here until now. That’s part lazy blogger and part didn’t-have-to because Ed did. Now that we are headed to the World Series again, I think the time has come to at least acknowledge it here.

So, let me start by saying “I told you so.” Sox in seven baby!

Hey, and that is never mind defending Drew — ask Ed or Noelle, I basically called JD’s shot — or agreeing on Ellsbury or… hey, that’s enough. The ALCS was a great series, just like I knew it would be. Of course, I’m happier that the Sox pulled it out, but had the Indians held on, props to them too. After all, they won as many games as the Sox did this year and beat a Yankees team that was probably better (at the time) than the Angels team we faced.

As for facing... Continue reading »

Forty-four more

I guess when it comes to posting new photosets, I am going in multiples of eleven lately.

I know that even though I have a list of posts to get out here, I haven’t and let’s be honest, it is not like anyone is complaining that I have been so lazy for the past month. I might get some up soon… or not. I guess I can depend on usually having some photos to throw out there when my writing muscle is atrophying…

So, I just posted a bunch from two games played against the Cleveland Indians — the return of Trot Nixon! — May 29-30. I went to the game on the 4th with Noelle — Ed‘s loss was my gain! — and got a lot of great new photos from the seats behind the plate, so I figured I had to get these out there first.

Unlike the last two sets, I didn’t edit these at all and I barely commented them. I figured they were good enough as is for now, although I... Continue reading »

Black Bird Steals Second

This just in: Jason Johnson still sucks.

So I attended tonight’s Sox game vs. the Tribe and the Sox dropped it 6-3 in the very sweltering heat. They couldn’t do much of anything against CC Sabathia who was throwing 98 mph heat himself and only gave up a Mark Lorretta homer off the Fisk foul pole in left. Not until the ninth did the Sox tack on two more runs with an Alex Gonzalez bomb into the Monstah Seats… or, maybe it was over them, but at that point it didn’t much matter unless we could make it to Papi, which they didn’t.

You may remember I posted about David Ortiz here and here back in June. Well, Big Papi has done it again with two walk-off hits, including a 3-run bomb last night, in his past three games prior to tonight. You think Indians manager Eric Wedge second guessed his decision to pitch to Ortiz? I’m... Continue reading »

Assholes in the Outfield

Apologies for the colorful title, but in this particular instance it is warranted. I went to my first Sox game of the year yesterday to see them shutout by the Seattle Mariners. While the game result wasn’t in our favor, the game was a good one and it was an amazing day at Fenway.

Wakefield settled down to pitch a complete game, but the Sox lineup squandered a lot of opportunities to score. As for the weather, it was more like a June day at the park than a mid-April day. Usually at this time of year, day or night game, there’s a pretty good chill to the air, but there I was wearing shorts and my Manny jersey in the mostly sun-drenched bleachers and worried because I didn’t put sunblock on my arms.

New facade of Fenway - 4.15.2006This year’s changes to the park look great and fit in with the others done over the last five years so that they seem like they’ve always been like that. In fact, in addition to the redo... Continue reading »