Telefizzled w.1

One down.

I had two opportunities to watch Heroes this weekend and couldn’t bring myself to do it. That’s even after Ed’s endorsement. So I just called it. I deleted it right off Media Center and the series setting as well. I’m out. Enough with the stealing. The mystery was gone for me. That said, if someone tells me at the end of this season that it rocked hard, I’ll rent it on DVD, but I am not going to invest my time in it now.

Now that that is out of the way, on to this weeks thoughts. I’m going to stick with the title and just add on a week number. Easy enough.

Big Bang: Sheldon makes this show, so if he’s the focus, it is probably going to be good. This one was a good start with him trying to keep the blonde hottie’s secret. I don’t even remember what that was, but that’s because it has something to do with Leonard and I actually prefer him in the Trouty character in My Boys.

HIMYM: Yeah, consistently good here. Barney in love with Robin? Hahaha… that’s funny  just typing it. In love with her is funny, but still hooking up is funnier. As for Ted with the Stella, me likey but do you think she’ll be Mom? I think that would be cool as I am a fan, but I don’t think it will turn out that way. Has to be good when you get quoted in EW, right?

I was high-fiving 15-year-old me through the space-time continuum. “We did it! We did it, you masturbating little bastard!”

That was Ted, not me, after Stella told him she loved Star Wars. She lied. The things we do for love.

Worst Week: Seen the ads for this show? Ridiculous. It is the new King of Queens, but with a guy with bad luck. This is another show Hollywood is raping from Britain. In fact, BBC America is pimping itself as “the birthplace of American television” now. What rubbish for them and Hollywood is no better. Are they going to keep trying to capture that Office lightning in a bottle? Gotta happen again, right? Just try everything! Anyway, I only caught the start of this thing; maybe the first ten minutes because I actually sat thru Two and a Half Men. (No thoughts on it.) Another example of a fat guy overachieving. Good on him. There’s hope after all. I give this one 3 more episodes before cancellation.

Gary Unmarried: Paula Marshall and Jamie King looked nice. Jay Mohr wasn’t annoying. Actually, a little bit funny. Ed Begley Jr. is looking old, but glad to see he has some work for the next 3-4 episodes this show lasts.

Smallville: Two weeks here. It started a week earlier. Anyway, the original show producers are out this year, so new direction. New direction doesn’t include Supergirl, so that’s a disappointment. I kinda wanted to see where it would go with her and Brainiac heading off to Krypton. Oh wells. This year I guess we get the Legion and a lot more Green Arrow since he’s now a regular. Also gone is Lex Luthor. What what? Yeah, well I’m guessing this is the last year anyway. I’ll finish it off, but so far, his replacement is lacking. If they think she’s a hottie, they are mistaken. At least Lois is still fit and Clark is now at The Daily Planet, so they are having fun with that already. Kid better fly.

The Office: I still hate on the hour long ones, but this one wasn’t quite as bad. The Angela paging Dwight for office/warehouse sex was amusing. The Michael love affair with Ryan is raging again, so that’s good, but I kinda hate on Ryan now. Since they made him such a right bastard last year as the big boss, it might be hard for him to win us back over. We’ll see on that. Stanley was the only funny part about the weight loss nonsense. He looked fierce in that old school photo. Do you think Creed gave Kelly a Gummi? The Pam/Jim proposal was romantic. Not so much. It was a bit ridiculous. I guess at this point you might expect that. Was it romantic? Am I not?

I also caught up on The Hills via OnDemand. That was four episodes in a row. If I start watching Paris Hilton Is My New BFF, one of you bitches better stage an intervention.

That’s it for this week. Life on Mars, another Brit translation, starts this week and so does Chuck. Looks like they aren’t killing Morgan. Bummer.