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Telefizzled w.1

One down.

I had two opportunities to watch Heroes this weekend and couldn’t bring myself to do it. That’s even after Ed’s endorsement. So I just called it. I deleted it right off Media Center and the series setting as well. I’m out. Enough with the stealing. The mystery was gone for me. That said, if someone tells me at the end of this season that it rocked hard, I’ll rent it on DVD, but I am not going to invest my time in it now.

Now that that is out of the way, on to this weeks thoughts. I’m going to stick with the title and just add on a week number. Easy enough.

Big Bang: Sheldon makes this show, so if he’s the focus, it is probably going to be good. This one was a good start with him trying to keep the blonde hottie’s secret. I don’t even remember what that was, but that’s because it has something to do with Leonard and I actually prefer him in the Trouty character in My Boys.

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Ill communication

I just listened to Ill Communication on my way home from work tonight. I left at 9.00p. I realized that it would be a great title for a blog post, so…

I was at work for the second night in a row until 9p, so that’s ill. I have gone just over a month without posting, so that’s ill. If I went a calendar month without a post, that would be ill… therefore, here’s your fluff piece to put a stop to that.

Seriously though, I intimated in the last real post that I’d fill in blanks later, so I guess this is it. I think that blogging during the summer can be a bit tough when you don’t have some regular topic to shout about. I definitely have never had that, so it is here and there. Well, weekends are straight out because the last thing I want is to be in front of a keyboard on a weekend. Weeknights have also been straight out because I have been getting home late most nights and since those are due to work, I have had enough of the keyboard for a day. When not, I want to spend it on the couch in front of the 360 for a game or catch up on su... Continue reading »

RRoD roundup

Well, even though it didn’t matter that much, the second go around with Microsoft’s Xbrick 360 replacement program was smoother than the first. For the most part, it was always informative in what was going on and it was certainly a bit faster. That said, I thought I’d post a little wrapup/roundup for the heck of it. I mean, if I end up using it, it will die again and I’ll have a third opportunity to evaluate the process…

Anyway, it didn’t matter as much because I did go out the day after mine died and pick up a newer Arcade model with the Falcon chip and HDMI port. While I don’t think it is any quieter than the older one, it has been nicer with the HDMI, except for the ghosting, but that is only when I turn it off, never in gameplay, and I think that has more to do with now using HDMI over Component cables as I never noticed it prior to that… so, whatevs. This one has a newer DVD drive too, but it seems to spin just as loud as... Continue reading »


Red Ring of Death+2

Another one bites the dust.

At first, I thought The Simpsons Game was just glitching when Lisa blew a Saxophone attack and Marge was coming back to health. Then, it froze again on another big, loud event a minute after I started playing again. That was an exploding car. The third time happened about 10 seconds after I fired it up. The fourth power on was greeted with the Red Ring of Death.

Apparently this animal is not in danger of extinction.

Now, the current system was *manufactured* on 2007-08-23, therefore it has the older 90nm Zephyr chipset. It was the replacement for my first Red-ringed 360 last Fall. I have no idea what will be sent back this time, so tomorrow, I am going out to buy a Xbox 360 Arcade system. No, I am not playing GTA IV, I am playing The Simpsons Game (the one that revolves around Marge’s quest against an Itchy and Scratchy game of the same genre 😉 ) and Army of Two (with Ed) at the moment, but I am not waiting 3-4 weeks for a replacement... Continue reading »

Lost: The Constant

So, I started watching this episode about 15 minutes after it started, so I was a little more confused than I should have been, and with time jumping/traveling, that’s shaky ground already! I think I need to start guaranteeing I get myself out of work in time to get home for nine so I can watch all of it in HD. Either that, or waste money on a Comcast DVR cable box so I can record it in HD. Media Center only records standard def over cable.

Obviously it made more sense when I watched the beginning after the end. My comments are on the newly refreshed Ed Zone.

Random TV moment, the guy playing the freighter doctor appeared in the episode of Eli Stone that aired after Lost. In that, he played an automotive corporation whistle-blower cum Hawaiian surf shop owner after being paid off…

I know you don’t care, it was just random. I know this because, yes, I sit thru Eli Stone to watch Julie Gonzalo, who was on Veronica Mars last year, and is way, way cuter/hotter as a brunnette.

Uh-oh… not only is this a long aside, but it is devolving into my Lost aside posting practices from the end of last year… you know, where I just talk about the ladies. Must be something about Spring approaching. 😉

Lost: Through the Looking Glass

Well, it’s a good thing that I watched this live in HD because Media Center conspired against me again and only recorded up until 10.40. Nice. I might need to get a DVR from Comcast.

So, I left a really long comment on Ed’s post today. I thought I should make it a standalone post here due to the length, but that would go against what I have done here this year, plus it would make it hard to match up the numbers (if you are so inclined).

Gotta say, sure did like watching Bonnie and Greta tool on the Hobbit. Sure did not like the continuing trend of killing off the island’s hotties though…

And with that, I’m out. Can’t wait for next season.

ATHF: Ezekiel

This one aired a few weeks ago, but I didn’t get around to posting it. They actually got two good ones in a row, with this one having followed Antenna. I wish I saved the episode in Media Center so that I could give you a screenshot, but Ezekiel is a child size version of Master Shake and is just too cute, to everyone but Shake and Carl.

Anyway, he shows up and you have to believe he is somehow Shake’s kid, which would suggest he actually got laid at some point in the past, which is hard to believe. The team takes him under their wing and later find out that, well… you’ll just have to watch it.

It is good and will be repeated soon according to their schedule. Set your Media Center or TiVo for it.

Tellyman 10.4

Killface from Frisky Dingo

I had a brilliant post written for last week’s shows, but Firefox 2.0 just took a big dump on me and it is all gone. I didn’t save a draft in WordPress either; gone means totally gone. I was trying to load up and an episode of How I Met Your Mother so I could get a vidcap for the lead picture, but when it started loading their InnerTube — which came first, Inner or You? — page, it locked up because I was missing the RealPlayer plug-in. I tried IE first, but same issue except it wouldn’t set Windows Media Player as my preference there (it gave me a choice between the two). I hated RealPlayer before, which is why I didn’t have it installed, and now I doubly hate it. I’ll never install it again. Ever.

Of course, it is not like I just lost a term paper or novel or something like that. I didn’t even shout, snap a remote in half, smash a keyboard or punch a door. The post was mostly the same... Continue reading »

Tellyman 10.2

Dwight's Ed Truck robot statue from The Office

It was a rough week for television viewing for me. While I was able to watch everything, it was only thanks to Media Center dutifully fulfilling its, err… duties. I had to work late pretty much every night this week, so I was playing catch up all week and now that I am caught up, I can bore you with my thoughts.

This week’s How I Met Your Mother was weak, until the end. The end made it worth it because you thought for the entire episode that Ted Moesby, Architect was dogging Robin after their first fight. Barney started off the episode by telling Ted that he should advertise the fact that he is an architect since chicks think it is hot. Ted tests it out by chatting up a girl at the bar and Barney is actually right. The episode then follows Ted, Marshall and this girl for the rest of the night with Robin and Lily hot on their trail.

Come to find out at the end that it was Barne... Continue reading »

Tellyman: Week One

Dwight Schrute bobbleheadFor most of us, this week kicked off the first week of the new television season. Sorry, I don’t watch any of the crap on FOX, although that will change when 24 starts up until they kill off Eddie.

Oops, check that… I have watched the first two episodes of ‘Til Death. The giant from Ray doesn’t nothing for me, but I was interested to see what Eddie Kaye Thomas would do on the show and that Kat Foster, who plays his wife, is a little cutie. Thomas is playing it too straight as an assistant principal at the school in which the giant next door neighbor teaches. Of course, the show sucks much ass and I wasted 44 minutes — thank you Media Center — of my life. I knew it would, but I had to make sure. I’m still bitter that Off Centre was cancelled over on UPN, but whatever.

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