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I H8 Routers

As you may remember from last time, I had to download some new firmware for my router so that the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live (XBL) would play nice with it. I sort of made the leap from that to having had to buy a new router to make it do right. Here’s what went down.

So, I hit up the support page on the D-Link site and fill in for the DI-784. I get back a page with a bunch of crap that isn’t very relevant to my model, but since it is just confusing enough, I click on a link that seems to indicate what I want is there. What I got was a nice fat 500 Server Error for some Taiwanese domain. Excellent!

I easily found the Tech Support link to send an e-mail though. Funny how that goes… anyway, I started this nice little chain with those helpful folks “Building Networks for Peopleâ€... Continue reading »

No Perfect Circle

A circle is 360 degrees. The Xbox 360 has a ring of light. A ring is also a circle, unless it is a boxing ring. The Xbox 360 has made me want to hit things, so I guess that works too. A circle may be perfect, but so far my experience with the 360 has been anything but perfect.

I took delivery of the Xbox 360 almost a month ago and so ended a four month quest to obtain the sacred ivory gaming crack. I cataloged that adventure in a previous post titled A Tale of Two 360’s. That was only half the story. Okay, really it was like 2/3 of the story because it was so frickin long. Here’s the rest. Maybe…

So, if you remember, there was much excitement upon delivery. I went straight to Best Buy following Aria’s Christening apres-ski. I loaded up with Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (GRAW), Continue reading »