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ATHF: Sirens

For whatever reason, this blog seems to get hit a lot by stoner college kidz sniffing out ATHF soundboards, clips and grabs. A few pics aside, I have just about none of that, but whatevs.

New episodes have started back up with this past Sunday’s “Sirens” featuring Carl. Now, I know I missed the last one or two of the last run and have yet to see the movie film for theaters or DVD, so maybe I don’t entirely know what is going on and maybe not, but — this is an excessively long sentence — I scratched my head more than I laughed. By far.

The only funny thing was John Kruk as a mythical siren and calling Carl an asshole after he convinced him to cut off his own nipples. I didn’t get the crypt keeper type dude, didn’t know where the teens were and found Carl to be… not funny. Also, Neko Case voiced another of the sirens, but I only knew that from the credits.

I’m either over this show or I need to get back up to speed. Either way, this one sucked and I don’t know that I’m looking forward to the... Continue reading »

Reynolds Tossed

I was pretty bummed out to hear that Harold Reynolds was fired by ESPN earlier in the week. Besides Peter Gammons, Harold was my favorite part of watching Baseball Tonight. When they had Karl Ravech, Bobby Valentine (or Buck Showalter), Harold and Peter on all at the same time, it was must-watch because they had a great dynamic.

The show hasn’t quite been the same since Buck or Bobby got back to managing and we now have to deal with John Kruk. Peter had already been increasingly absent and this year was doing the Sunday game of the week before his aneurysm, so I had already been missing the show more often than not. The guys they have been bringing in have, well… let’s just say are very boring and suck.

Anyway, I obviously thought Harold brought a lot to the table and I’m pretty sure I’ll watch even less than I already was now that he is gone too. Reporting on the exact cause has been spotty at best, but according to Harold himself, it was for ... Continue reading »