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ATHF: Dummy Love

A guest appearance by Ezekiel!

Okay, so it was only in a photo on the shelf where Shake placed the Dummy, next to his collectible plates from Maine and The Wizard of Oz. Didn’t see what he knocked off in favor of the dummy. I think Josh Homme (of Queen’s of the Stone Age) did this dummy’s voice. His name was in the credits, so he for that one and T-Pain (who?) as the other dummy delivered to Carl.

So, were those Carl’s fingers that the white one had? If so, then how’d he get them from the black one. And, then, wouldn’t they have fallen in love then? Yeah, that’s two male dummies bumping in Frylock’s bed. What?

I rate this one a good one. So that’s +2.


Twelve years ago today, Kurt Cobain‘s body was found. Hard to believe it has been that long.

Nevermind was the the first grunge album I purchased and I got it on January 19th 1992. Yeah, a little late to the party considering it was released September 24th 1991. I purchased 11 other CD’s in the time between and, with the exception of Blood Sugar Sex Magik, I can say the other 10 are crap compared to Nevermind. I won’t recount what those discs were now, and not out of embarassment either. I will fess up that the other disc I bought that day was the soundtrack to JFK. Little did I know both “front men” would die of gun shots to the head.

As I remember it, Nirvana was the band that really kicked off the whole grunge thing and forced it into the mainstream. Yeah, there were other bands before Nirvana — Soundgarden, Mudhoney, The ... Continue reading »