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Year in consumables: 2009 games

Halo 3: ODSTHere, finally, is the first post in my year-end wrap-up series that I call Year in Consumables. People like making lists and reading lists, particularly if you are a little OCD. Which I am.

I just pulled up my first post in the series from last year and it happened to be the Games one as well, so let’s just stick with the same order from last year: Games, Movies, Music. That might be a little OCD too.

I am going to have to break somewhat from history in that I am only going to rank five games this year. Mostly because I didn’t really play much. Well, much depending on your point of view. I do find it funny that on last years post I mention having not yet played Fallout 3 or Tomb Raider: Underworld. I still haven’t. I still plan on it. Really.

I will not break on the premise that this list is comprised of what I played the past year. Not that it... Continue reading »

Year in consumables: 2008 games

BraidI am mixing up my order a little bit this year. In the past I have done music, movies and then games. This year I am doing a reverse order. Games are first because I am more or less done with games to play from last year. I am still catching up on movies but expect to have that up by weekend, err… end.  Since no one cares about the music one, it can go last. (If you are at all interested in last year’s lists you can find them under the best of tag, but here is last year’s games post.)

Of course, that’s not to say that the game had to come out in 2008 to make the list. I simply had to consume it in 2008. (Although, games from last year still on my list for this year are Tomb Raider Underworld and maybe Fallout 3.)

Last year I ranked 10 games and then did a li... Continue reading »

Year in consumables: 2006 games

Gears of War boxPromises, promises…

You know, I said I’d have this posted by March first, but things got out of hand at work this week due to Daylight Savings Time. You know about that, right? Well, work got in the way of proper sleep, television viewing — ‘cept Lost and Heroes — and blogging.

So, I won’t bore you with the details of that, but instead bore you with the third and final installment of my 2006 Year in Consumables series. You can read the music and movie posts in the archives.

By my count, I have rocked se7en games on the 360 this year. Okay, it was really ten, but demos of Contra and the... Continue reading »

Tomb Raider: Legend

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend boxHopefully this is going to be a short review that I can just bang out real quick before hitting the sack. It should be short because the game itself was short. I used to hate short games, but I really enjoyed this one, so I wish it were longer.

I have played most of the Tomb Raider slash Lara Croft games. This one is the latest in the series and has a seriously long title: Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend. I’ll just go with TRL for short since that’s just fun in itself. We love Carson and how his good Karma inspired Earl, which in turn entertained me for a television season (and so far, Summer with re-runs).

I gotta say right off the bat that this is without a doubt the best TR game I have played. I really enjoyed the first two, but this one was just great. I suppose a lot of that has to do with the evolution of the game and character. The next-gen graphics really helped this game excel in tha... Continue reading »

Kameo: Elements of Power

Kameo: Elements of Power boxAs Ed noted earlier this evening after his post within a comment on my Perfect Dark Zero review, Mook is now in the Xbox 360 fold. Well, if there was a game made for him — besides Katamari Damacy of course — then this one is it.

Kameo: Elements of Power is actually the game I have enjoyed the most to date. So, the indictment of Mook may also be one of myself. D’oh! Well, at least this game is about a cute little elf girl instead of a King and his package.

Kameo is an adventure game where you must travel throughout your kingdom in the middle of an Elf (and other odds races) v. Troll war where the Trolls are trying to take over your kingdom after having served the man for so long. Really, what&... Continue reading »