Blog Days of Summer

I can tell by the way the past two weeks have gone that it is going to be tough to post on a regular basis. Actually, maybe I just need to redefine what a regular basis is going to be for the Summer.

Yeah, that’s what needs to happen, so based on how it has gone since it *officially* turned Summer, we’ll go with the one post a week schedule. I think it’s a thing going around, you know? Ed and Jason seem to have it too and those Scoobs have it year ’round. Of course, there could be Asides added at any time in between, but not much has really caught my eye as of late, although I did just post one about being Pearl Jammed.

You’d think I had all kinds of stuff going on since it was so nice out and all that, but the truth is the opposite. There’s not a lot going on, or rather, maybe it is just not a lot of stuff that is bloggable. I mean, I could post about the craptacular Sox games versus the Devil Dogs of Tampa Bay, but why bother? I could post a thought dump about Superman Returns, but I haven’t gotten out to see it yet, so hopefully this weekend. I could post about my odd-ass fantasy baseball team — they can’t seem to find a consistent identity even though it is a great team — and their second and final showdown in progress against The Period, or Mookie as you know him. Fun fact about him though, I’ve caused him to change his team name three times already this year.

No, the thing of it is there’s just not a lot going on to be blogged and it’s also tough to sit in a hot home office in front of the computer. The freakin box is all that’s needed to heat the room during the Winter, you know?! So, this is going to just be another This Week in OB1og type post.

Had a really nice long weekend. Spent the afternoons of Sunday and Monday down Cape Cod visiting my Uncle and family out for the week from Oregon. Apparently The Lord of the Rings trilogy is for the kids today what the original Star Wars trilogy was for my generation. My two cousins, age 9 and 12, were watching the DVDs each night. They were both pretty big into the original Star Wars trilogy and the new one too, but it appears they have moved on to something better in LotR than the latter. I myself have only seen each LotR film once. I should probably watch those again though. Maybe borrow my Uncle Chris’ special editions to see the extended versions, which is what the boys were watching. I also learned how to play a new card game called “Pitch.” It’s one of those two against two card games where you don’t know what your partner is holding, but you somehow try to work together, etc. It was fun and I think I’d like to play it again some time.

Finished off the holiday with a nice cookout over Justin’s house with his family along with Ed and Joe’s too. It was fun to watch the kids play in the kiddie pool and with this giant beach ball sprinkler thing that Juice had. Made me wish I was a kid again and could get away with running around in it, but instead I just directed Colin. Of course, that didn’t stop his Dad from getting his arse all wet on it… on *accident* I’m sure. We also played an odd game of wiffleball where the final score was 2-0 after six or seven innings of play. It’s possible we are all out of practice. Finally, I managed to do an unintentional 180 in the Jeep on the way over there. Coming out of the last turn on the exit/entrance ramp onto 495 saw the Jeep hydroplane, but luckily there was no one behind me and only a couple scrapes to the front bumper and fender were suffered. More seasoning for the old Jeep I suppose…

I also spent a good amount of time this weekend and last weekend catching up on my pile of comics. In most cases, I am five or six months behind on every title. I’ve managed to clear thru most of the Marvel titles related to the X-Men or Avengers; which pretty much encompasses everything they publish these days. I’m also all caught up on all the books in the Ultimate line and on Powers, which is just such a great freakin read. Next up will be anything published by DC, Dark Horse and Image (and all its little spawn, no pun intended). Once I get thru all that, I’ll pick up with all the Civil War books. I’ll likely start writing reviews on the blog at that point going forward. Probably just weekly ones on whatever I get and they’ll be real quick hits.

UPDATE: I moved three paragraphs from this post to be two standalone posts and one aside. They originally appeared right here and I did so after thinking about Jason’s comment. I agree that the post was probably too much of a mish-mash of stuff and those are better off on their own. I prolly broke some kind of blogger code by doing this, but I don’t much care. The posts appear previous to this post or the Pearl Jammed aside in the time order. I did add a new picture for the Shuttle Launch post, but also see the Gammons Update aside and the Switchgrass post. Sorry, no clever names for any of them…

So, that’s another week in OB1og. Back to watching The Period smash OB1 in the StatTracker…