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My Super Ex-Girlfriend

My Super Ex-Girlfriend posterI saw this movie a little over a month ago with my super ex-girlfriend. This is funny for two reasons; one being the obvious and the other because I also took in The Break-Up with her. Checking out that one was my idea because I thought it would be more comedy than anything else, but that was so not the case. This one was her choice, probably mostly because she’s a Luke Wilson fan.

Watching movies about breaking-up with your Ex is like watching a movie with sex on a first date; a bit uncomfortable. Of course, that was probably more true of the other movie than this one. Remember, I got “smacked in the face” by that one.

Anyway, I just never got around to writing about it and I figured I’d leave it until later. Well, later is now and I’m sure this will be out on DVD pretty soon and I encourage y... Continue reading »

Fanboy Fodder 8.2

Wolverine: Origins #5 (Joe Q cover)I am going with that title for now. “Fanboy” because I feel like one for writing even the shortest of short reviews about the comics on which I blow my pesos. “Fodder” because only other fanboys would find these thoughts even remotely interesting. The eight dot two is simply short for week 2 of the month of August. Due to the way I set up my bloggy blog, I have to use a unique name for each post within a given month, plus it just enhances the geek factor.

Maybe I can get in some good debates with someone and make this little corner of the blog worth it. If not, my fanboydom will forever be pasted on the Internet. Anyway, let’s get the geekery over with already…

Wolverine: Origins #5 Such a cool cover… with nothing inside to back it up. Well, that’s a little too harsh, but it was utterly stupid until the end, which convinced me to give the next arc a sh... Continue reading »

Blog Days of Summer

I can tell by the way the past two weeks have gone that it is going to be tough to post on a regular basis. Actually, maybe I just need to redefine what a regular basis is going to be for the Summer.

Yeah, that’s what needs to happen, so based on how it has gone since it *officially* turned Summer, we’ll go with the one post a week schedule. I think it’s a thing going around, you know? Ed and Jason seem to have it too and those Scoobs have it year ’round. Of course, there could be Asides added at any time in between, but not much has really caught my eye as of late, although I did just post one about being Pearl Jammed.

You’d think I had all kinds of stuff going on since it was so nice out and all that, but the... Continue reading »