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It is only fitting that I finally write this post the week of the expected decimation of the New York J-E-T-S! Jets! Jets! Jets! Oh yeah… you know that’s going to happen (short of Tom Brady getting hit by the short bus).

So, the name of this post is Lensgate and I’m guessing you might wonder why. (Hey Ed, at least I procrastinated so long it is now “topical” again.) It does have something to do with the first Pat’s game against the Jets, but that was Videogate or Spygate or whatevergate. I actually hate that we name every conspiracy since Watergate — Contragate being the first I can remember — with a “gate” at the end. I just think it is media silliness… which is an oxymoron. Continuing on… naming this with a “gate” on the end of the title lends itself well to the preposterousness that is this story… and I am getting there, believe me.

So, I attended the Pat’s home opener against the San Diego Chargers. Of course, this was the game after the Jets game and everyone was excited... Continue reading »


What a weekend!

(Now, what a week too!)

I started writing this post on Monday night, but I got sidetracked by one of the topics, which I will get to in a minute. Funny thing about the post was everything (five things) revolves around the word shock, hence the title shocking. I find it even funnier that an event happened on Tuesday to add a sixth, so the word of the month is now shocking. Anyway, I’m trimming some of the fat since I have more to add on…

I was going to talk further about the Pat’s spying scandal because some of the other information that came out during the weekend (losing draft pick(s)?!, leak of tape, even more penalties if Belichick doesn’t turn over all data), but there is just too much and I am just too sick of it all. Now, don’t we have the Mangenius being accused of something by the Ravens? Oh, and can we stop referring to every scandal as a “Gate”? It was just Watergate. Let it go already! Anyway, I’ll just leave this one as disappointing on many angles, but particularly because it tarnishes,... Continue reading »

Feeling unpatriotic

Now that I am done feeling patriotic, it is time to express my unpatriotic feelings.

Oh, don’t worry, this is directed towards the New England Patriots. In fact, my patriotic feelings were originally a tangent within this post, but I busted them out on their own, where they belong. Also, I got down this path both because of the news, but also because Jason posted about both the Pats and 9/11 today, so read them.

Even without all this prompting, I already wanted to comment on the Rodney Harrison/HGH thing, but had been delaying it to see how things went this past Sunday. Yesterday we thought they just creamed the J-E-T-S, but today the NFL thinks it was less game plan and... Continue reading »

Lazy Foxboro

I’m sure it has nothing to do with skit from that show I don’t watch — I’m only aware of it from watching The Office — but it sums up the point pretty well. I don’t even remember when I promised to get these up, but the photos I took at the Pats playoff game against the Jets on January 7th are finally on flickr. My laziness is to blame for the delay.

I think the biggest problem with something like this is taking the time to sort thru all the shots taken and then taking some time to crop or adjust them. Well, remembering how long it took me last time, I kept putting it off and I really need to get better about this if I am to be serious about it being a part of this blog.

I took 462 shots at the Jets game, which is roughly twice what I took at the Colts game in November. Trimming that down to the 87 shots I posted in the photo set was very time consuming… and then deciding if I wanted to edit them or not… and then actually doing it… and then uploading them… and then giving them name, descriptions and tagging ... Continue reading »

Not-so-evil empire

This is a comment meant for The Mayor of Man Town is a Chick on the Ed Zone, but it is masquerading as a post here on OB1og.


Well, just because I haven’t been very active here this month, for much the same reasons as Ed, and the comment was long enough to consider as a post in its own right. Maybe…

Jason had the same thought, so now there are twin comment threads on the Zone and BBn. I won’t drop this over there though.

What I really owe my six dear readers are the photos I took at the Pats/Jets playoff game a few weeks ago. I haven’t gotten around to slamming them into Flickr yet. I’ll do my best to get that done this weekend.

Anyway, on to what I was going to drop as a comment:

As Bill Simmons aptly put it in When did hate tak... Continue reading »

Falling Away With You

Casino Royale teaster posterWouldn’t you say it is rather ironic that while I was writing my Summer wrap-ups last week it was feeling like Autumn and as I write my Autumn preview this week it has felt like Summer? I guess that’s how we roll here in New England.

Has the wacky weather been a contributing factor in the huge downturn in readers over the past few weeks here at OB1og as well? Certainly can’t be because I haven’t been posting like Ed or Jason. Of course, Ed isn’t posting for a good reason and then there is Jason not posting for a secret... Continue reading »