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My civic duty

Oooh… I just love it when I can use a Scrubs inspired title for a blog post.

So, today I fulfilled my civic duty by spending a day in the jury pool. I know… fun, right?

Actually, not that bad. It would seem that the folks at this particular courthouse get the fact that no one wants to be there. In fact, I think many are working on their amateur night stand-up routines. I won’t get into the specifics of their comedy, suffice to say that it wasn’t half bad. Heck, even two judges were part of the act!

The decades old orientation video even provided some unintentional comedy. Not quite like a Hanso Foundation film reel, but maybe as old. I’m guessing by the clothing and hairstyles that this thing was filmed during my high school years, so late eighties.

All kidding aside, I will say that the folks were all very nice, especially those two judges and the two court officers babysitting us. This seemed in sharp contrast to the procedural folks I remember from my last dip in the pool 11-12 years ago. As for the folks in the pool its... Continue reading »