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Year in consumables: 2009 movies

Star Trek posterEvery year it seems I debate how to approach this list. Is it based on the movies from the year that I actually viewed during that year? Any movie I viewed that year? Any movie that came out in that year that I have seen as of the date this is posted?

Traditionally it is the first of those choices and I double checked last year’s post and that’s what I did. I guess I can stick with tradition, but it kind of sucks. I can tell you right now that the best movie I watched during 2009 was Slumdog Millionaire, but that came out in late 2008. The best movie I have seen from 2009 was The Hurt Locker, but that was this past January (2010). Both would top the list for their given year of release, but that’s not how I am doing the list. That’s the rub.

Besides Locker, I have also watched eight other movies from 2009 this year, and yes, some of those would make a Top ... Continue reading »


Watchmen movie posterViolence, sex, superheroes and a tricky d!ck. I knew to expect all of those things going into this film based on the epic mini-series turned graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. I knew that director Zack Snyder was going to play it very faithful to the original work except for a change to the ending.

I knew all of this going in, but I still left the theater blown away.

Before I continue further, I am not really concerned about spoilers, but I won’t give away any twists either. I will talk about the end, but in fairly general terms. Just beware I guess.

Now, I haven’t read — but should read — Frank Miller’s graphic novel 300 upon which Zack Snyder’s previous film of the same name — duh, you probably heard of it — was based. I had heard that that film was also faithful, almost to a fault. (Or was that Sin City?) I figured he̵... Continue reading »

Friday Night Lights

The Best Show I Am Not Now Watching!

Back in October, Ed posted about FNL at The Ed Zone. It was a call to arms that everyone watch one of the best shows on television that, unfortunately, not enough people watch. It is one of those shows with a lot of critical praise, but low viewership. Yup… almost assured cancellation or non-renewal at the hands of some idiot network exec. (See Arrested Development, Veronica Mars.)

I’m sure the heat could be on again this Spring to renew the show, but then, the WGA strike has thrown the proverbial monkey in the wrench with respect to next year’s schedule. It is my belief that NBC will do the right thing and renew the show for at least half a season next year. (They aren’t being as kind to Las Vegas so far though.)

So, to do my part, I have started watching again. Yup, it started accidentally with me catching the last two episodes (shown to da... Continue reading »

Who’s watching Watchmen?

Okay, so I was close to the end of my current geek book, so before I left for work this morning, I remembered that I hadn’t finished reading Watchmen and knew that would be perfect new train fodder. I searched my house for 10 minutes looking for it after it wasn’t in my office, where it should have been. I gave up and left for work and had to suffer thru 1.5 train rides of staring at the odd people on the train. (I’m sure they don’t think that about me.)

I got home tonight and spent a further 15 minutes looking everywhere. Looking in the open, under furniture, in boxes, in the kitchen cabinets (and drawers) and nada. No Watchmen to be found.

I never lose anything. Ever.

So, the question is… did I lend it to someone? Anyone have it?

My civic duty

Oooh… I just love it when I can use a Scrubs inspired title for a blog post.

So, today I fulfilled my civic duty by spending a day in the jury pool. I know… fun, right?

Actually, not that bad. It would seem that the folks at this particular courthouse get the fact that no one wants to be there. In fact, I think many are working on their amateur night stand-up routines. I won’t get into the specifics of their comedy, suffice to say that it wasn’t half bad. Heck, even two judges were part of the act!

The decades old orientation video even provided some unintentional comedy. Not quite like a Hanso Foundation film reel, but maybe as old. I’m guessing by the clothing and hairstyles that this thing was filmed during my high school years, so late eighties.

All kidding aside, I will say that the folks were all very nice, especially those two judges and the two court officers babysitting us. This seemed in sharp contrast to the procedural folks I remember from my last dip in the pool 11-12 years ago. As for the folks in the pool its... Continue reading »

Three hundred

This is going to be short and sweet because I am so late to the party with it. I have wanted to post on it for a while, ever since seeing it and then reading Jason and Ed’s posts on it, but other things got in the way. I think I’ll be ahead of the curve for the DVD release though, yeah?

I found the premise of writing a graphic novel about this event in history to be quite novel. I mean, how exactly did Frank Miller get about doing this as a project? This is a guy better known to the masses for Sin City, Robocop, Batman (comics) and Tank Girl (heh… well, the original work was better than the flick. Oh where have you gone Lori Petty?). I’m sure I could do some research on the web for this, but I’m a lazy blogger today and like I said, short and sweet.

And, again, being lazy (and potentially dumb to do so), I’m going to go off what I remember as th... Continue reading »

Fanboy Fodder 9.1

X-Men: Phoenix: Warsong #1 cover (Silvestri version)Quite possibly the first week ever that I read all the books I picked up. I’m sure it has a lot to do with only buying six books total. I resisted the urge to pick up G.I. Joe: Scarlett Declassified. While the Snake Eyes Declassified mini was good, I don’t think this one would be as good and especially not for $5 a pop.

Out of curiosity, and a Michael Turner cover, I picked up Justice League of America #0 which must have a come out a few weeks ago. It gave quick clips of JLA history, but wasn’t easy to understand if you don’t know it, so I think they failed in their goal because I didn’t get it. Then again, they did get my money, so maybe they succeeded…

X-Men: Phoenix: Warsong #1 The first issue in a five issue mini that looks to pick up where the Endsong mini left off… I guess. You can see the Marc Silvestri cover here, which ... Continue reading »


News about the Watchmen film adaptation in this week’s Entertainment Weekly:

The on-again, off-again film version of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ classic comic is on again, with director Zack Snyder, who’s got one graphic-novel adaptation — the just-wrapped 300 — under his belt.

I’m sure if they ever get it made, Moore won’t want his name attached. At least I already own the GN, so I can read this one ahead of time.

I should maybe read 300 since it’s yet another Frank Miller GN…

V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta movie poster

It might seem like I am following the Joe model on Scooby Speak; blowing my load of content all at once and taking a rest instead of pacing myself with a steady stream. That’s not the case. I am in fact trying to make up for a couple weeks earlier in May when I didn’t post much of anything. Unfortunately, I am doing so with content that is basically stale before it hits the blogosphere since these movies are long gone from the local plex.

At least with V for Vendetta, I have good reason to have not posted earlier on it. After taking in the movie, I decided I wanted to read the graphic novel so that I might understand why Alan Moore wanted his name removed from the movie, per his usual M.O. So, it took me a while to finally remember to pick up the GN and then about a week to finally get thru it, not that the reading was slow mind you. Anyway, I completed that a c... Continue reading »