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Flixd: six

I think I dropped a reference a couple posts ago that my watching in June wasn’t going to really interest anyone. That is probably false. It will interest exactly two of you. Maybe.

That said, let me state up front that if you have no interest in comic books or science fiction or animation in general, you can just skip this one and wait for my next Flixd post. That one will drop in early September and feature the regular flicks and chick flicks you have come to expect in this space.

As always, just thoughts and heads. Read on nerds.
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Year in consumables: 2007 games

Crackdown boxTime to finish this series off for 2007. The first two parts were music and movies. Also, I just read my 2006 games post and damned if I wasn’t entertained by it. Maybe you should read it (again?)… for added incentive, I make fun of Mookie a little bit.

Speaking of which, I heard via Ed that his 360 finally red-ringed him. (Did we have a pool somewhere about this?) Well, I’m actually sorry to hear that. I thought it was going to beat the odds, but it might have finally succumbed... Continue reading »

Captain America, dead?

Yeah, right!

I love how the mainstream media tunes in on stunts like this. I was just listening to Nightline tease this in the background when I clicked on and this was on the front page.

Name one big hero that has been killed and stayed dead… they even brought back Bucky for crying out loud. Wonder if he was the sniper that did the job…

New Spidey Trailer

Black costume Spidey

New Spider-Man 3 trailer on and iFilm.

Falling Away With You

Casino Royale teaster posterWouldn’t you say it is rather ironic that while I was writing my Summer wrap-ups last week it was feeling like Autumn and as I write my Autumn preview this week it has felt like Summer? I guess that’s how we roll here in New England.

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I, Crisis

Infinite Crisis #1 (Jim Lee cover)I got myself into a bit of a fracas with Jason over at BBn earlier this week — okay, this past weekend — with respect to fanboys. I seem to have found myself bashing the Momma’s basement dwellars when it comes to defending this Summer’s Superman Returns. You can read more about that over on the BBn post, but it did get me thinking on continuity in comics.

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Iron Man

See the larger version on

Iron Man could be Marvel’s next good superhero movie franchise. I’m very excited about Jon Favreau’s involvement. Interesting that this says it is in conjunction with Avi Arad’s new production company. I was just reading in this month’s Wizard that he signed a non-compete with Marvel, although he’s still working with them in an advisory capacity. They also had an article with Favreau on Iron Man. Check out Brian Michael Bendis’ column/interviews while you are there. He’s a fave.

Anyway, the poster alone looks better than that crap Ghost Rider trailer…