December 2006

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Yule blog

Nantucket ACK-mas

Well, tis the season and all that, right?

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holiday, whether that be Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or Festivus.

I had bigger plans for my Yule Blog, but the frenetic pace of the past week — yes, even with having it off from work — got the better of me. It sapped my will to sit here and blog up something special; to “Deck the Halls” if you will.

I did have a head start by posting some old photo sets from Nantucket Christmas Strolls past, so if you are interested, they are from 2001 and 2002.


PS: If you haven’t checked out Continue reading »

My Charlie Brown Christmas

I know that pretty much everyone reads Scooby Speak, right?

Well, in case you don’t, I don’t want you to miss out on this gem that Joe found and posted over there.

No More Heroes

Isaac's Energy Man painting I am done. I am out. No more Heroes!

Of course, since Heroes is my favorite new show of this season, I am talking strictly in the blog sense and not in the viewing sense.

You see, I wasn’t kidding in my last post about Heroes that if commentsations weren’t going to happen, then I wasn’t going to continue posting. While I enjoy writing about the episodes, it does take a fair amount of time away from trolling to craft each post, so I am going to abandon posting about it.

I am not into writing this stuff because I wannabe famous or an armchair critic. I was hoping it served as a watercooler substitute since peeps can’t talk this stuff up like we used to due to the ever growing needs of being a growned up and/or parent. Fostering a little corner of the Interwebs for you to post your thoughts, que... Continue reading »

ATHF: Antenna

Master Shake on stage in Antenna

Hey, it’s all ATHF all the time here at OB1og.

Well, just because I haven’t posted in a while and it is easy to catch up on this fashizzle, so you have the two previous below and tonight’s here.

Check this one out. Not hilarious, but not bad either. I think they are going up and down on each one. Read what you want in to that.

ATHF: Bart Oats

Okay, this one clinches it. This season officially sucks.

A very Carl-centric episode and it just wasn’t funny at all. Seems like they were trying to riff on Carl as Scrooge and Bart Oats — I’m sure Giants’ fans get it — as the Ghost of Christmas Past.

The guys need to go back to doing the good drugs when they write this stuff.

At least Frisky Dingo is consistently funny, but then, it is new so those guys haven’t run out of ideas yet. I’m sure it will get there too…

ATHF: Moonajuana

I have to agree with Jen that this episode just wasn’t that good. I have to say that I always enjoy the Mooninite episodes the most and I was psyched when I saw this one coming up, but after a couple viewings, it just wasn’t that funny.

Ignignokt and Err rotating around, doing the usual 2-D play, was fun and so were some of their lines, but overall, not so much.

I’ll put this one in the medium goodness category. I think that puts the tally for the season so far at 2 good, 2 medium and the rest suck.

Best. Billboard. Ever.

Ignignokt billboard

As many of you know, I drive a long distance to and from work every day. Well, now I have this billboard to greet me on my trip down I-93 South into Boston each night and it puts a huge smile on my face. It showed up three or four weeks ago and I finally stopped last week to take some shots after work.

At night, Ignignokt is illuminated by black light, which is probably the first time I have ever seen this done. During the day, he’s his usual green self. He’s censored all the time. Click that link for better detail.

And, it gets better. An Err billboard showed up last week on I-93 South after Boston. I am going to try to get some shots of him this week.

This show might pretty much suck now, but this almost excuses it…