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Telefizzled w.23

It was an even fuller week than I expected due to the return of Rules of Engagement and Reaper. I watch Rules like I watch Gary Unmarried, it is usually funny enough and it is also good to have a nice half hour of easy comedy to which you can eat your dinner. I likely won’t write much about it after this week and pretty much treat it the same as Gary, which is to not write about it…

Also, I did avoid watching Trust Me this week and I am fine with letting that one go. Will Tom Cavanagh ever get a good regular gig again? Love Monkey was good, so of course it was canned.

Anyway, here’s what I did watch!

Chuck: So, now let’s introduce another romantic rival into the mix for Chuck, but this time instead of him being his thought-to-be-dead-best-friend it is a British super spy. Well, obviously I am not buying it. I’m sure Sarah is interested because it is a fling she can have, much like Chuck with his Ex, but they’ll be back pining for each other in no time. Probably after the next episode. Liked the plumbing double entendre’... Continue reading »

Telefizzled w.22

With the Nielsen sweeps starting this month, the schedule is going to fill out again, but for this week, just five shows. Let’s get on with it.

Chuck: More beatdowns of Morgan. I love it. Of course, it didn’t last long, but it was very funny when Chuck sprayed him with the nitrous oxide breath spray. Funnier because I didn’t see the setup of that part from the show opening. (I got home a little late.) Jeffster was about as lame as you could ask for, so therefore, awesome! Chuck didn’t get blowned up and he and Sarah do their little dance for us. Sigh.

Lost: I can never decide if I am a fan of John Locke or not, kinda like Sawyer, but overall, this one felt a little flat to me. I slapped up some comments over on Ed’s post. Very little to choose from this week, so I guess I have to go with house-mom Kate.

30 Rock: This one was all about Tracy. Sure, the Lemon and Kenneth quest to retrieve her phone with... Continue reading »

Telefizzled w.21

Light week with a lot of shows in repeat. Now I kinda wish I was going to write about Trust Me and Burn Notice because both were new. I guess that’s what happens with these new cable network shows and that’s a good thing.

Chuck: So it is going to be like that is it? Are they just going to get Chuck or Sarah’s hopes up at the start of each episode and then have the other dash them by the end? Every time? Seems like that these days. Andy Richter, Jenny McCarthy and the creepy alien bounty hunter guy from The X-Files appear as part of a Fulcrum neighborhood watch. They were good for the most part. Richter not totally believable, but he was okay I guess. I wish he could get a regular gig and actually be good at it, or at least the show be good or those around him be good. It always seems like something. Lastly, I like that they are going to torment Morgan by having Big Mike date his madre. He deserves it.

Lost: As always, comments are on The Ed Zone. Booty Call Kate wins! (The joke just... Continue reading »

Telefizzled w.20

Wow… twenty weeks of telly so far this year. Of course, that’s not a totally accurate count of the weeks in the season so far. Just the weeks that had something new on for me to watch. Speaking of that, this week didn’t start so well with Chuck and How I Met Your Mother not being on because of the Obama presser. I didn’t even get home in time to watch any more than the last five minutes. I’m sure I can find it easy enough in the tubes, but I don’t want to hear him say “Um” much more. He should probably work on that.

Big Bang Theory: They smartly tucked this one in after that Charlie Sheen show, so yay! for saving my Monday night. Christine Baranski was awesome as Leonard’s mom. She actually managed to get her son further along the bases than he could himself. Of course, he blew his chance. The Sheldon interaction with Leonard’s mom was the highlight. I guess singing some Rock Band together was their substitute for sex because surely they would have had it had either had any interest in it, which has (and was) establi... Continue reading »


Kind of burned out on television a little bit last year. I don’t know if it was the WGA strike, the inconsistent quality in shows I watch or just getting over watching a ton of telly. I suspect, now that I typed that out, it is a little bit of all those things.

So, I guess it comes as no surprise that my schedule this year is pretty light, which is a good thing. I deliberately decided not to glom on to any new hour long shows this year. I am going to try a couple out, but other than that, I am just saying no. I am also going to try out a new 1/2 comedy and re-adopt one that fell to the wayside last year. Finally, I am going to try and write a little bit about shows each week just to judge my interest, and yours, in them. That means comments people!

That said, here’s my fall schedule (new shows in bold):

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