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Manny being manipulated

That’s the title of a Bill Simmons e-ticket on It is a long read and well worth it if you are Manny fan, but especially if you are no longer because of his exit behavior. I found I was shaking my head in agreement a lot as I read this today. A lot.

You might remember that I posted about missing Manny not too long ago, but this reinforced my thinking about it after it was shaken a bit by Schilling’s comments. I should have known better than to let that (now) useless blowhard shake by belief with the idea he might have brought new information to the table. I resisted posting when he inserted himself into the news for a few days a few weeks ago, less we forget he exists. After reading this new piece, I can’t help but comment about that too. Fact is, 38pitches and others... Continue reading »

Buh bye

Won’t have to hear that much longer… unless she turns up on ESPN.

That’s right, Hazel Mae is goners. Buh bye bombs. She might have burst onto the scene four years ago, but she became old news in my book soon after. By burst, I mean I never cared about her until that Fever Pitch premiere dress she was wearing. That was the event, right? Yup, I found myself prone to become a typical male and stare in awe at her… well… you know. It was quickly downhill from there.

Anyway, shocked to read that she dated doughboy Steve Levy… was she trying to sleep her way into ESPN? Leave it to the Inside Track to give us the good stuff. Ricky Davis? Really? Huh… wait a minute… did Perez Hilton take over this blog???

I find it funny that I got to that Herald story from bos... Continue reading »