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Flixd: ten

Don’t be afraid that I started the month off heavy in the chick flick department. I finished strong with lots of the testosterone fueled action flicks. Yeah, it was a weird month in the old queue. I bumped up lots of new releases so I could get them the first day and this was the result. Anyway, it was a decent month without any huge stinkers.

Here come the thoughts and heads with the new format proposed last month. One sentence per head. Let’s see how this works out. Continue reading »

Telefizzled w.16

The week started off with a Big Bang. That would be me punching the desk because the computer decided to shut itself down last Monday. That meant it wasn’t up and running to record The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother. (See what I did there?) I figured I’d be able to catch them later on or, but I was only half right. No Big Bang full episodes there and it feels dirty to search the torrents. So, I missed one of my favorite shows this week, but the nerdgasm of The Legion showing up on Smallville made up for it. I am getting ahead of myself.

How I Met Your Mother: A full episode dedicated to *reading a magazine* and friends with benefits. Dare I say this episode got the show back on track a little more for me? I do dare. Of course, when you are work, you don’t read a magazine, you surf the web on your mobile or Crackberry. Am I right? The reality stars come to life on the magazine cover were awesome. Even if one scene was Heidi and Spencer.

Scrubs: And just like that, Courteney Cox is out of there. She’s got a new show for... Continue reading »

Lost heroes

Last night’s episode of Heroes was written by Jeph Loeb. Mr. Loeb is a kick ass comic book writer, but also a former Supervising Producer on Lost.

Anyway, not only did the episode feature a cameo by the main Marvel man, Stan Lee, but this nod to Lost by Nathan Petrelli:

“I’d round us all up. Stick us in a lab on some… island in the middle of the ocean.”

A sly nod to all the island’s inhabitants having power like Desmond?

Heroes: One Giant Leap

Nathan Petrelli from the Heroes on-line comic

Since it is getting closer to Halloween, I thought I might run a screencap of Claire lying on the autopsy slab, but I thought better of it. What a way to end an episode, but this mini-comic panel compliments my current coloring better.

This third episode was written by Jeph Loeb, who happens to be one of my favorite comics writers. Loeb is a current supervising producer on the show and has served as a producer in some capacity on Smallville and Lost in the past. All three shows are in my must-see list.

I watched the episode pretty late last night, so I may not have caught everything, but I wanted to post soon so I could hopefully get some commentsation going before deciding if I need to watch it again (okay, so by the time I finished writing this, I had watched it again). Ideall... Continue reading »

I, Crisis

Infinite Crisis #1 (Jim Lee cover)I got myself into a bit of a fracas with Jason over at BBn earlier this week — okay, this past weekend — with respect to fanboys. I seem to have found myself bashing the Momma’s basement dwellars when it comes to defending this Summer’s Superman Returns. You can read more about that over on the BBn post, but it did get me thinking on continuity in comics.

Okay, so many of you just read that last sentence and started thinking you might stop reading this particular post. Well, I don’t blame you. If you don’t really have an interest in comic books, then this post probably isn’t for you. If you have an interest in bashing fanboys, then this post might be for you. We... Continue reading »