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This Week in OB1og

Coco robs Wright in center

Yeah, it’s been a little over a week since my last post and I apologize, but it is not like there has been any public outcry/outrage over it. I don’t even have a good excuse except that maybe I didn’t feel like sitting in front of the computer after getting home from work all week. Instead, I watched the Sox sweep the Mets, which is something I haven’t done much of this year. Well, no one had watched them sweep the Mets yet; I mean watch the Sox on TV. I think the Orsillo Cam is brand new and, quite frankly, it frightens me.

So, the idea of this post is to catch up on this week’s activity, much like This Week in Basball does and a bit like Ed just did over on The Ed Zone.

I guess I’ll start with last Saturday because I can’t remember further back than that and it’s also the day after I ... Continue reading »

Water Everywhere

In celebration of all the damn rain we have had around these parts over the past week, I decided to upload some pictures of waterfalls. I took these on a trip to Portland Oregon the Summer of 2002. There are numerous waterfalls along the Columbia River Highway which runs the Columbia River Gorge. I picked some of the best shots and created a photoset in my flickr photostream. You can leave comments here or on the pictures at flickr.

This kind of water beats it flowing into your basement any day. I have to pee now…