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Rockets red glare

I wanted to add this aside to my previous post on Clemen$ because this is the kind of stuff I like to read.

Jim Caple has a funny write-up of the speech Roger must have given to his mates on Page 2. It includes this great outtake:

“You shall fight in Boston and you shall fight in Baltimore. You shall fight special education teachers in the bullpen, you shall fight in front of the dugout with that punk Pedro Martinez. You shall fight in Florida, you shall fight in Canada and other foreign countries like Cleveland.”

Then you have Sports Guy Bill Simmons weighing in, as you knew he would, with a good list of 10 reasons I’m happy the Rocket signed with the Yankees. Jason already added #7 as his comment on my post, which was a good one of course, but I like the reader e-mail in #10 by John F. in Kansas: “This is historic … who ever heard of a rat jumping ON a sinking ship?”



Can you hear it now?

I had been formulating a post in my brain since the minute I heard the news of Roger Clemens going back to the Yankees, but I didn’t have time to pump it out.

Then, Ed beat me to the punch last night, so I was content to simply post a comment there. But, as I started writing, I realized there was no way I could express this as a comment, so I had to bang out this. I had to add a post to the Clemens fire in the Blogosphere.

I was listening to the Sox game on Sunday afternoon when Castiglione, or that new clown — not Dave O’Brien, the other guy — announced the Rocket made an appearance on the Yankee Stadium jumbotron. Ed and I had just taken in Spider-Man 3 and were headed back to his house for some beer and burgers, so when we stopped at a packy to pick up the beer we had a quick chat as we peeped our choice of brew.

We were traveling separately, so when I got out, the... Continue reading »

Four jacks

Juice sent a link out via e-mail tonight and I figured I’d post it — you need to read the full post to get the link — for the two of you probably not on his e-mail list. It is the new SportsCenter clip of David Ortiz and Jorge Posada. If it isn’t the first video in the player/list, look for it. It is entitled “Betrayal.” Wally’s reaction is priceless.

I almost wish I didn’t see this, because while funny and clever, it is a little disturbing. I mean, the thought that Papi thought it was okay to ever put on a Yankee cap, whether for fun or not, isn’t sitting well with me. Good thing for us he’ll never wear one where it counts.

Anyone else see the irony of a DH giving hat advice to a catcher? He’s the only other guy not wearing a hat full-time since he never sees the field (outside an interleague game).

For a little payback, I’d like to see Jason Giambi trying to give Jason Varitek advice on hats…... Continue reading »

Challenge Met

In case anyone is wondering, I had one friend accept my Jimmy Fund Challenge. I won’t name the person unless they want me to, but I am very happy to have inspired at least one donation. Maybe next year, there will be two people!

In the spirit of the challenge’s intention, I just went ahead and doubled my normal donation to make it $200. For those that like to keep score, that’s a Home Run according to the Jimmy Fund site. But, no matter the size, it all goes to the same cause.

Also, if you were interested in donating, but just couldn’t at this time, you can donate at any time throughtout the year on their Jimmy Fund site. If you do, let me know and I’ll still match you.

UPDATE: They just announced during the latest drubbing of the Sox by the Yankees game that they have eclipsed last year’s total and Hazel Mae reported Rocket Roger Clemens do... Continue reading »

This Week in OB1og

Coco robs Wright in center

Yeah, it’s been a little over a week since my last post and I apologize, but it is not like there has been any public outcry/outrage over it. I don’t even have a good excuse except that maybe I didn’t feel like sitting in front of the computer after getting home from work all week. Instead, I watched the Sox sweep the Mets, which is something I haven’t done much of this year. Well, no one had watched them sweep the Mets yet; I mean watch the Sox on TV. I think the Orsillo Cam is brand new and, quite frankly, it frightens me.

So, the idea of this post is to catch up on this week’s activity, much like This Week in Basball does and a bit like Ed just did over on The Ed Zone.

I guess I’ll start with last Saturday because I can’t remember further back than that and it’s also the day after I ... Continue reading »