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Year in consumables: 2009 movies

Star Trek posterEvery year it seems I debate how to approach this list. Is it based on the movies from the year that I actually viewed during that year? Any movie I viewed that year? Any movie that came out in that year that I have seen as of the date this is posted?

Traditionally it is the first of those choices and I double checked last year’s post and that’s what I did. I guess I can stick with tradition, but it kind of sucks. I can tell you right now that the best movie I watched during 2009 was Slumdog Millionaire, but that came out in late 2008. The best movie I have seen from 2009 was The Hurt Locker, but that was this past January (2010). Both would top the list for their given year of release, but that’s not how I am doing the list. That’s the rub.

Besides Locker, I have also watched eight other movies from 2009 this year, and yes, some of those wou... Continue reading »

Flixd: nine

Lots of new releases in the list this month. I lined up Monday returns to score new releases for Tuesday. There are still some older flicks in here too as I am still in the middle of that. Those are almost all gone now though. I expect that I’ll be thru with that by November.

Thoughts and heads only. Oh, and I have an idea on linking the two for next time. What if I write one sentence per head? That could be an interesting exercise as I was a bit too wordy this month. Not overly wordy I don’t think though. You tell me. Continue reading »


As you may have begun to notice, I get my entertainment news in two forms, my copy of Entertainment Weekly and an E! Online portlet/gadget/widget on my Google page.

Anyway, E! Online is providing me with news of a Magneto solo flick spin-off from the X-Men movies. Set to be an origin piece, this is the way to go for sure. Heck, McKellen might pass on by the time they make it… (that’s not very nice). The Magneto origin is a good one to appeal to a wide audience and exploring his early relationship with Xavier is something that I have always found interesting in the books.

I’m more interested in seeing this spin-off than the Wolverine one.

Fanboy Fodder 9.3

Astonishing X-Men #17 coverBig week to make up for the previous two light weeks. It all comes around to bite the wallet and this next week, really this week, which will be 9.4, is another big one.

Anyway, I didn’t get a chance to read the books last weekend, so I was able to read a couple during the week and I finished off the rest tonight. Yup, a true geek on a Friday night. Sitting home and reading comic books and now writing a blog post in the post midnight hours.

Astonishing X-Men #17 Had to lead with this book again. I mean, look at that cover! Look at who writes the book (Joss Whedon)! Look at the art inside the book! If this isn’t the best comic on the stands right now, then it has to be damned close. The handling of Wolverine has me cracking up and it should be evident from the cover that John Cassaday plays a huge part in making it work. The last panel rocked.

Runaways #20 Next book up is the book J... Continue reading »

Fanboy Fodder 9.2

Wolverine: Origins #6 cover (Joe Q version)Didn’t I write just last time out that it was unlikely I’d buy another week of comics and be able to read them all? Well, it’s still true, but this week was a close one… and by one, I mean there was only one Civil War (CW) tie-in that I couldn’t read. The comic store had a CW postcard dropped in the bad and it looks like they are readjusting the schedule slightly due to late books and also adding on the end. Sucker isn’t finishing up until at least February at this point.

So, pulling out that CW issue — Ms. Marvel #7 — leaves me with six comics to review again. Now that I have pretty much gotten thru a month of introductions, I’ll be shortening the blurbs. Sounds like a good reason, but really, I’m feeling lazy and would rather not write much about them.

Wolverine: Origins #6 I hate to lead with this one, but it ... Continue reading »

Fanboy Fodder 8.4

Astonishing X-Men #16 coverI have decided that this little experiment with writing about the comics I read has been a good idea. It is definitely forcing me to evaluate what I am buying on a weekly basis. I was already trying to be good about tracking how much I spend a month on this stuff, but that wasn’t cutting it. I could justify it by acknowledging the fact that I don’t spend money on much else besides comics and CDs.

Now, I have to justify the purchase on the strength of its entertainment value. I am sure I will slowly be subtracting books, but this week, I did not. In fact, I found I just had to buy Justice League of America #1 because it was written by Brad Meltzer (of the excellent Identity Crisis) and illustrated by Ed Benes (Superman/Batman). Didn’t I recently state that I hated DC books and no more new ones for me? Well, this one is an exception that you knew would happen eventually.

I did skip Heroes for Hire #... Continue reading »

Fanboy Fodder 8.2

Wolverine: Origins #5 (Joe Q cover)I am going with that title for now. “Fanboy” because I feel like one for writing even the shortest of short reviews about the comics on which I blow my pesos. “Fodder” because only other fanboys would find these thoughts even remotely interesting. The eight dot two is simply short for week 2 of the month of August. Due to the way I set up my bloggy blog, I have to use a unique name for each post within a given month, plus it just enhances the geek factor.

Maybe I can get in some good debates with someone and make this little corner of the blog worth it. If not, my fanboydom will forever be pasted on the Internet. Anyway, let’s get the geekery over with already…

Wolverine: Origins #5 Such a cool cover… with nothing inside to back it up. Well, that’s a little too harsh, but it was utterly stupid until the end, which convinced me to give t... Continue reading »

X-Men: The Last Stand

X-Men: The Last Stand posterThere’s a lenghty conversation slash commentation going on over at Scooby Speak about the third film in the X-Men series. I dropped a comment there, but I wanted to expound more over here for a few reasons: I haven’t posted something in a few days, I want to drop spoilers and I’m going to try my hand at this review thing.

Of course, I can’t write a review for crap because I’m not ed-u-ma-cated enough to do that kind of thing. Nah, I think I’ll leave that to the experts like Ed and Jason (even though he still claims he’s not writing reviews and is no expert… feh).... Continue reading »